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  1. What I basically mean is, can you have CKAN cache manually downloaded mods? Or is there a different mod that allows you to toggle mods without deleting them or having to start up KSP? Or, is it possible to make a “fake” GameData folder to put the mod into, and then make KSP look a that instead for mods?
  2. Even though it isn’t directly available, Is there a way I can still manage this and other WBI mods in CKAN?
  3. Sorry about not telling you. I haven’t tried use it since then, so it may actually work and I have not checked yet.
  4. Hey, I am a beginner with CKAN and have been moving my modlist to it. However, a few of my mods (they are all from Wild Blue Industries) aren’t there. Is there a way I can set it so that I can toggle the mods (and maybe their dependencies) from CKAN?
  5. I downloaded this mod, but when I tried to pull up the print menu on the Advanced Workshop, the game crashed. Do you know what's going on?