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  1. Thank you, Angel-125, for fixing the Pathfinder<->Sandcastle interaction! It works now, and is really useful!
  2. I actually had KSP_PartVolume do all the work for me, by mass-replacing all instances ModuleInventoryPart to be unrecognizable, running it, taking the generated MM file, and resetting that to use ModuleStorablePart. We'll see how this spaghetti plays out.
  3. Oh, I don't have KIS, as I always found the lagspikes on build annoying. I'll try and set it up again. Would it be possible to have a patch or something that turns all the variant parts into their own separate parts? It should (I hope) fix the main issue.
  4. Also, randomly, when I print a part, there is a chance the workshop tries to start filling every container it can reach with them. (if it helps, the workshop efficiency was set to 100, so I could build parts fast to test things)
  5. This mod does not work with stock EVA construction. I can't attach modules in a line (due to EVA construction collision detection), and part variants have the attach nodes of the root part (it's a bug even when the parts were placed in the VAB). Is there anything I can do to fix these problems? On that note, is there any mods that make it possible to detach parts that aren't at the very edge for EVA construction and/or place parts that would overlap? EDIT: There seems to be a (temporary) workaround to the construction problem involving offsetting parts around, and I can still build with the basic chassis parts without variants, but if there are fixes to either of these, please let me know. Also, "Mountain Goat" wheels are bugged , they shift backward and up relative to their mounts once placed, but can be fixed with by quicksaving and reloading. It's possible that most of these are caused by mod conflicts, though.
  6. Another issue: When I print a part variant (buffalo chassis long), it prints the part like it should, but the attachment nodes appear to be taken from the base part instead of the variant (it has the buffalo chassis short nodes, but looks like a long chassis). What is going on? EDIT: OK, it appears it's a bigger bug than I thought. Even a part placed in the VAB has the wrong nodes in EVA construction.
  7. Gotcha, thank you for clarifying that! Is there an easy way to get/estimate the volume of a part?
  8. Has anyone been able to print components using the Pathfinder inflatable parts?
  9. I noticed that there is a config inside the Buffalo2 files that allows parts with ModuleInventoryPart to effectively also have ModuleCargoPart. How hard would it be to give this to, say, all the Pathfinder and/or stonk parts? Would it be possible to make a variant/modification of KSP_PartVolume that uses the new system instead?
  10. Has anyone else had this problem? Did I forget some sort of dependency?
  11. I just reconfigured a Ponderosa into a Sandcastle to test that everything is working, and there are no parts whatsoever in the print dialog. How do I fix this? This seems to be true of all inflatable parts, but not the offical Sandcastle parts.
  12. I just reconfigured a Ponderosa into a Sandcastle to test that everything is working, and there are no parts whatsoever in the print dialog. How do I fix this? EDIT:It appears that it's some bug specifically with Pathfinder itself, as the basic Sandcastle thing works. Maybe the Ponderosa doesn't have enough inventory space? EDIT:I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the Ponderosa not having its own inventory.
  13. I have a bug where I downloaded CKAN on mac, and no matter what I try, I still get this error. The path there is the folder containing the KSP.app file, as well as GameData and everything else. What am I doing wrong?
  14. How do I install .ckan modpacks through CKAN on Mac? I can't find the "install from .ckan" button.
  15. Will it be possible to print the Buffalo 2 using Sandcastle? It seems that KSP doesn't allow inventory parts within inventories.
  16. I see the problem now. Sorry about that.
  17. Yes. The partVolume_v2.cfg file said that they were blocked due to having ModuleInventoryPart.
  18. Would it be possible to add a button to ignore if the part has an inventory? It would be annoying to whitelist every one. (I'm hoping to use this with Sandcastle)
  19. I knew about that. In the past, when OSE was around, the Hacienda and the Casa had configurations where they would act as part printers, and I was wondering if they hand Sandcastle configurations now.
  20. I was mostly unsure how to/if you can print things using the inflatable parts. I'll try and launch KSP again to see if I just missed something, as I'm really good at missing a bunch of hard-to-miss things.
  21. I can't find the 3d printer templates (Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place? I would have expected at least one of them to be in the Hacienda.), are they in a different thing? I downloaded both Pathfinder and Sandcastle from CKAN.
  22. The latest update is labeled "Sandcastle compatibility update". What does that entail? Is it adding new templates yet (I can't find any)? Or is it mostly fixes so that parts can actually be printed (Which is also a really good thing!)? Sorry if I'm being bothersome.
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