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  1. Actually this would be a useful function on Decouplers as well, not just separators... right now I'm using another mod that adds an explosive charge... would be cool to have this built into the decoupler menu.
  2. I have the mod installed via ckan, but I don't see the parts for the sats.. only part that seems to show up is the decoupler at the bottom of the photo. Anyone else have this problem and found a fix?
  3. Does it have the anti reflective coating on the bottom or will it be ruining Kerbastrian Astronomy?
  4. I will buy, but won't really play it till Mech Jed and ReStock are added in... can't imagine playing this game without them. Side note - in FarmSim, Almost all the 'useful' mods are updated 4 months after new game version (every 2 years) So expect similar for Kerbal in 2022
  5. Yes latest in CKAN NFE I did not pull from github manually if that's what you're asking.... DBS?
  6. I'm getting NullReferenceExceptions on DischareCapacitor Here is the log.
  7. I'm getting a lot of NFE Null Object errors lately. Seems to be related to the caps. Any ideas?
  8. I got a few tanks that were not getting config working now... I also discovered what appears to be a size problem... Using no custom configs, the FX-08 rocomax tanks (squad) shows 360 LF and 440LO... just like in stock... It is the same PHYSICAL size in game as the FL-R25-0750 Mono tank. That fuel tank is 750 units of Monoprop. If I reconfigure the FX-08 to monoprop I get over 1800 units. Now even through the tanks show up the same size in VAB, FX-08 shows as 4.9m3 and FL-R25 shows as 2m tank. Is this a misconfiguration issue? All the other Mono tanks in the game seem to have the same size ratio as the FL-R25... so should the ratio of Mono in other tanks also be revised down? It works fine in the game, but definitly gives an 'unfair' preference to taking an LF tank and making it for Mono at 2X the capacity of a similar in-game mono tank. What do you think?
  9. Doh! Turns out I had one of LinuxGamer's mods installed which was doing this -
  10. I'm getting strange behavior in the last couple days where every single launch seems to trigger all achievements from start... so I get a bunch of messages and dings that show launch, first time in orbit, first 100k money, etc... this started just a couple days ago. Log is below - and I can't think of anything I've changed in settings?
  11. This is such a cool mod for realistic playthroughs (not realism mod) so I'm surprised more people are not using it. Love the dirty yellow colors too!
  12. Scott Manly did a video last year where he programmed a black hold with all the correct light bending stuff. This reminds me of that.
  13. Is there a known incompatibility with Kerbalism? I used this mod previously w/o any issues, but noticed with Kerbalism it does not show up in labs?