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  1. Would be cool if this mod just had a checkbox for 'stop early' and stopped 5 or 10m before target... messing around with targets manually from orbit is a pain... so is having to be there live just as the mod brings in a vehicle (it's for automation after all) to stop it just in time. The Mechjeb mod lets you tweak target - that may be overkill, but stop early in here would simplify things a lot.
  2. Yes and also do some research on the reevaluation of the Dunning-Kruger effect by Nuhfer.
  3. Yes I really should have said this too! The slightest effort to GO RESEARCH any topic will 9/10 times yield a different result than mass media/popular opinion is talking about! This is as political as I need to get here
  4. DIng Ding Ding! Important thing to remember any time any of the new generation reporters talk about climate.
  5. @linuxgurugamer I think you fixed this in the Horizontal Velocity Controller. It's still a bug in Vertical. Would love to see a fix when you have time
  6. Yup that was it... I got rid of the lights... they are cute but don't really add function so can live without em.
  7. I have used Module manager alone to tweak some aspects of the game so it can be used alone. I appreciate the simplified explanation, but I've written mods in unreal engine... just not in Unity. And a big thanks to you for all the mods for Kerbin - makes the game so much better!
  8. Hey so I like the idea of this, but after installing and looking at the .cfg files I'm wondering why I need the defaultactiongroups.dll? I already use .cfg files with some custom patches in modulemanager. So what does the dll do that the .cfg files alone do not?
  9. Odd bug - not sure if caused by ReStock but my Experiment Storage Unit (the stock crate looking thing) has seemed to change to 4 super thin pillers. Like it's just the edge outline and is empty (clear) in the middle. I'll try excluding it from restock to see if that fixes it or if there is some other mod changing it - any idea how I can tell what mods are applying patches to it?
  10. Unfortunately I reinstalled the whole game and all the mods yesterday during this process and so do not have logs of the mod not working. My solution was just to remove it - don't use it often. But the other guy in that thread may still have logs...
  11. Hmmm... I am now temporarily... the last version of that did not cause the error for me... but Better Time Warp Continued did cause the error...
  12. Well she's got split ends... you're a hair splitter... seems like the perfect person for the job!
  13. Well... Valentina has some split ends... she could use your help