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  1. Wow very nice picture ! Don't know who is sinemi but this is very attractive.
  2. LTQ90


    Great and quick cooperation for the fishnet suit. Valentina is so sweet now :)))) Tx to you the Great guys.
  3. Hi, yes it s usually 75 - 90 % limit to finish contract or receiving full sciences, but as OCD player i just can't stay with a big little 99 % so i spend a little time playing with the brown and blue equatorial markers in the map showing the distance you cover while the body is revolutionning around himself. Most of time the best for me is to go just under the max altitude and decrease periapsis, wait for a long time and come back later to see if it s complete.
  4. And if your altitude is above the max altitude for the instrument to work.
  5. Nice content. I like the RABBIT. make me remember about a mod from space simulator ORBITER TTM24 : To The Moon in 24 Hours.
  6. Hi. From my experience, if there is too much error in alignement (aim the blue cross), then MJ will stop the warp near 9 minutes before the start of the burn, realign and restart the warp.
  7. it s far away from instable in fact. And there is a lot of improvments.
  8. And you may have forgot to download the 3 dependencies.
  9. check the option . As said in the wiki : enable or disable the mod on a saved-game basis
  10. I m too earlier in my carreer mode to land for now, but i download it now. Seems greeny nice.
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