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  1. hi Clinton. go in your gamedata/mechjeb2/parts and edit the file named MechJebNoCommandPod.cfg inside this you can unlock all tech with this statement :unlockTechs = start Hope it helps you.
  2. For me, this field is always fill with randon number (for me), i just put 0 for the launch to plane of target and the inclination is just computed by mechjeb so 6° for minmus.
  3. hi guys. i used to have this issue too. My solution is : select your target. in the ascent Guidance windows, before clicking on "Launch into plane of target", i ALWAYS put 0 in the textbox at the right of this button. and all is ok. Actually, my only issue with mechjeb is node alignement with smart ass. I have to click 2 times to have it effective quickly. For some raison it takes severals seconds to align (seems it needs two passes). hope it helps you.
  4. Hi Neil, i don t think there is something special to do. Maybe a screenshot or more details could help. How much dv is your burn ? How long estimated time of burn...etc. Have for example a thrust limit ? Try to give more information. Hope i can help ps : forget to say : give your ksp and mechjeb version.
  5. Hi Well, Very nice mod, tx for your work. Happy to see good Orbiter modder here !
  6. Not blaming at all. This mod is great. The issue has been talked on the right tread, but no more information for the moment. It seems if i remember right that may be dependent of other(s) mod(s) but don t know which ones.?
  7. Sorry for off topic. For the trouble with US2 i simply right click on each experiment with prob ; material bay, mystery goo for me.
  8. This mod is working (near) perfectly for me. The only issue i have is with some UNIVERSAL STORAGE II experiments.
  9. Hi. I m using USII with X sciences. For my experience when i get sciences from x sciences for mystery goo and material, all seems ok but when coming back to kerbin, i never have science collected. But if i do myself the experience directly with righlt click, i can collect goo/material sciences when coming back home. Great mod ! tx for all your work.