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  1. Hi ! for mechjeb : you can create an empty directory inside gamedata called MechJebUnlocked for Engineer Redux, check the option in the game (in the vab for example) and configure it to be partless. Hope it helps you.
  2. Hi all. Maybe another thing to try is to delete the "ModuleManager.ConfigCache in the GameData folder. It will be rebuild in the next launch. It resolve some issue with mod for me.
  3. Hi dresoccer4, same "issue" for me. It depend how much rotation wheel, but i always press the accel time key to manually to begin the warp.
  4. Hi fulcum, the PDU is for Power Distribution Unit IIRC, so when disable, you loose the possibility to dispactch energy within your base. Try to use google translate, cause this forum is mainly english French version : PDU c'est pour la distribution d'energie. A priori si tu desactives ça, tu perds la possibilité de distribuer l'electricité sur les modules de ta base. Essaye d'utiliser google trad pour tes messages.
  5. Hi ! in game "escape" key settings click :difficulty options there is the list of all mods installed; choose stage recovery one to view and change parameters
  6. Hi Kim, the side not being scanning is the dark side ? Maybe yours modules have no enough electricity to continue the scan ?
  7. Hi LKS, if i remember correctly, there is a option in KSP which allowed you to unlock the access to AG (stock and mod) when in carreer mode. It may help.
  8. Hi ! I don t believe this mod is down. RoverDude made streams some months ago about a new feature called "wolf" iirc. Just be patient
  9. Hi joaohm, i m not expert, but you can check the options when creating the save you play. There is some about transmission. And there is a mod calld remotetech. Hope it help.
  10. Hi Jiraiyah ! tx for your work, seems beautifull, this will be my first suit mod installed, nice green !
  11. Hi, i don t see module manager installed in your gamedata. You need version 4.1.3. i think, hope it can help
  12. Hi, i m not very experimented, but at early game for me, i just can make a fly by around Mun. With some sciences, i can rapidely get more room for supply.
  13. Hi Domikamu, i m using english version of ksp on a windows 10 french system. There are some icons like yours, showing in the main menu, this for a long time for me, but never feels that as an issue, just a little maybe "bug". Never get problem to run the game. So i may just tell you to consider if the game s running fine, and so let s the icon make their lives
  14. hi, i don t think so, i installed this mod few days ago via ckan and all was fine.
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