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  1. Hi W.O.P.R. One possible reason : you re too low in the upgrade of buildings at KSC. it depends on your game mode.
  2. Warp dragging seems a great idea. I never get an asteroid on orbit around Kerbin or Mun. Tx for your work Angelo.
  3. Refueling, only refueling. i m looking for a good monopropellant video. Need your help kuys.
  4. On a new game, ksp 1.12.5 USI MKS 112.0.1 and CTT 3.4.4 I don't understand why the tundra pionneer 3.75 is available at Advanced Construction (90 sciences points) and the 2.5 m version is available at Long Term Habitation (1000 sciences points).
  5. Better to give your logs. Have you installed the new dependencies with ?
  6. First you have to have only ONE modulemanager.dll. So keep the 4.2.3 version and delete all others. you can also delete the file ModuleManager.ConfigCache. It will be rebuild at the next launch of the game. for the logs files, sorry i don't have the knowledge.
  7. Sorry a little off topic cause i made a mistake. The mod Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Next IS working GOOD. I just don'k take time (so silly) to read the first page as asked by the modder (Sorry Rudolf Meier)
  8. Well there seems to be a solutions via KAS as described in the MKS guide at the section called :Refuelling nuclear reactors
  9. Hi. I use CKAN 1.34.2 and i have 2 ksp folders (version 1.12.5) CKAN is installed in one of them and i want the second to be the default version. The second is marked as default instance. Even if i delete the first one (the one which CKAN is installed) in the "Instance game" (File menu), CKAN always load it.
  10. I hope you ll find solution as i will meet this problem sooner or later Another suggestion : your containers on ship 2 have warehouse activated ?
  11. i just watch the first one, i keep the second for later. at the engine startup the camera angle is very interesting. Make me remember some pictures of cars design from the 30. And the landing is so smooth, for me it seems very unatural to have a tailwheel and the fear of breaking too strong.
  12. My kerbals have a lot to do before making any celebrations. Unfortunately, Valentina has crashed her ship on EVE and is stuck. three kerbals voluntary go on a mission rescue. Kaspard the pilot and his friends scientists Melkior and Kalthazar cause they afraid Valentina may suffer being too long apart on this hostile EVE planet despite his name. So i hope they can soon bring back Valentina home.
  13. Nice screenshot. I don't have use Global construction yet, just installed in my current game. Maybe you can use this mod : For me it works very well as i make very bad rocket at the beggining of my game. For unknown reasons the other one called "next" isn't working on my 1.12.5 version.
  14. With ksp 1.12.5 and KAC 3.14 i ve got this same old bug. A maneuver node stay on the vessel. When i leave for the space center it stay displaye and still exist when i leave for the main game menu.
  15. Great vid. I love the button at 0:30. Incredible how planes have evolved since this day. There was a serie on TV when i was a child "les faucheurs de marguerites" which tells the story of this crazy optimistics guys.
  16. HI maybe it can help you. I don't remember the autor of this message but i save this years ago (actually i don t play ksp) : Download precise node. Create a maneuver node. The PN window will pop up. From there you can Type the UT exactly as shown in TWP (or KAC if you saved it as an alarm). Type the Prograde dV and Normal dV as shown as well. From there, adjust your maneuver node in your orbit so the Ejection Angle shows as close to the TWP report as you can, this will of course change the UT you typed but that is ok. Now Adjust the Ejection Inclination until it matches as well. This will get you real close but you may still have to make minor adjustments to find the encounter, it's not perfect, but it gets you in the ballpark. Be warned that there is a number display format difference. TWP uses positive and negative, while PreciseNode uses north and south for inclinations. (north is positive, south is negative) Likewise TWP uses a 360 degree angle from Apoapsis while PreciseNode use 180 degrees from Ap or Pe. If you see an ejection angle in TWP greater than 180, subtract 180 and that will be angle from Pe. EDIT: I may have those backward, I'm writing this from memory. I can't remember which one uses which format but if it's backward, you still have the explanation you need to make it work.
  17. Hi, with or without [x]science it for me the normal behavior for this two experiments. So i use another mod wich give me 100 % result at the first test.
  18. Very exited with the possibility to have a copy of ksp2 cause i m very poor.
  19. For the rolling issue here my solution : deactivate the rolling for the elevon at the back of your rocket.
  20. Wow very nice picture ! Don't know who is sinemi but this is very attractive.
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