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  1. Today I finished Jeb Level of this challenge. My rocket: On LKO: On transfe to Mun: Landing on Mun in progress: On Mun: (there is the Bug plaguing two stage landers - if you separate on ground and launch, your vessel will have status landed and you will not have any lines {orbital information} so in order to evade this fate I first launched and after that , when I was already flying, I separated lower stage of the lander) Return to Mun orbit: Return to Kerbin: I had problem with my design of Service Modul, when I tried to decouple capsule from it, the vessel got destroyed. So because of that I landed like this:
  2. There is not one nose cone on those boosters. It is as aerodynamic as soviet style apartment building.
  3. That mean that I will not be able to fly mach 4 in altitude of 3000m ?
  4. Yesterday I launched my complicated asparagus stage Mun rocket and now it runned at 15FPS , before it was something like 7-9FPS during start.
  5. Let's test 1st patch with this asparagus Mun rocket: 4 x BACC "Thumpers" 4 x LV-T30 "Reliants" 1 x RE-I5 "Skipper" album: https://imgur.com/a/6UoMJJS [AMD Ryzen 7 5800H with Radeon Graphics 3.20 GHz] [RAM: 32,0 GB] [NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop GPU]
  6. That video is so funny. It's like log running.
  7. I don't expect miracles, but I am expecting some bugs to be fixed. It will determine how much I will play KSP2.
  8. I am hyped for the first patch! I hope that my crafts, today bugged, will be tomorrow much more usable. I hope that I will see patched conics in different SOI and so I will be able to fly as economically as in KSP1. I hope ... .
  9. I think nobody is reading parts descriptions. SWERV is suppose to be a "GASCORE" nuclear engine. Solid core nuclear thermal engines were tested in RL, but nobody knows how the heck will gascore reactor work without spewing its intrails all over current orbit. SWERV is completely different league than NERV.
  10. In KSP1 I had contract to bring one tourist to orbit and safely back. Today in KSP2 I recreated vessel I've used to fulfill that contract. Full imgur album: https://imgur.com/a/0hwamRF
  11. Today I tested "SM" and "XS" nose cones. I flew a small simple plane driven by one "Panther" engine running on dry mode. Results: Mk3A Nose Cone 668 m/s Mk3B Slanted Nose Cone 668 m/s Mk5H Nose Cone 314 m/s TNC-01 (aerodynamic nose cone) + FL-A10 (small adapter) 318 m/s
  12. Rather than weather effects I would rather see patch which will solve cross feed from upper stage problem, docking ports issues - like vessel destroyed after undocking or this one when you undock your conics from maneuver planner are not displayed, ship exploding from no reason, wings falling off, changing AP PE values just from vessel rotation, and so on ... Weather simulation is opportunity for modders, but for game which is about space and where you are moving most of the time through vacuum it can not be a priority.
  13. Heavier? I thing they are balanced just fine. Engine List 2 - Atomic Rockets (projectrho.com)
  14. Don't post it like this, that's good Kraken drive, you can use it. But now seriously, I noticed it too. When I am rotating my craft with reaction wheels (no RCS) values of Ap and Pe are changing. Once I deorbited in Minmus by spinning the capsule.
  15. Today I was playing with Aeroplanes. I build simple plane with 1 Wheesley engine and I used it as a platform for testing of draginess of Air Intakes. I was measuring maximum speed of the aeroplane in altitude between 3000-3500m. My results are: Shock Cone Air Intake: 375 m/s Cirkular Intake: 336 m/s 2 x Adjustable Ramp Radial Intake: 560 m/s XM-G50 Radial Air Intake: 291 m/s Adjustable Ramp Intake: 611 m/s Mk1 Diverterless Supersonic Intake: 585 m/s
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