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  1. I think this threat should be moved into challenge category and should be renament as "Breaking Ground Helicopters Speed challenge"
  2. I tried it on Duna, but thought luck it doesn't fly. Those servos are on its limit - I can't put more weight on them (more wing area), If I try they just go completely out of rhythm.
  3. About handling: It look like a fish, it fly like a fish and it handles like a cow. Like a very sick cow actually. The most important thing is to prevent it from rolling to the side. That happened at the end of my video, where it started to oscillate from side to side more and more and eventually it crashed.
  4. It is attempt for ornithopter. Basicaly Dragon fly but four wings were not enought.
  5. It is nice sunny day and you are walking towards Astronaut Complex, when suddenly you hear weird sound flip flap flappity flappity flip something is approaching
  6. I was experimenting with ornithopter design before with very poor results, so I was going to move on to something else when I noticed this challenge. When I saw @neistridlar 's post I was very surprised how nice it worked, and it was eureka moment for me: yes of course use Lifting force not drag. So I created my own contraption which is heavily inspired by @neistridlar 's . I used well-tried Kerbal concept -use "moar boosters" and I placed servos on top of an alligator hinges so I can tilt them individually and experiment with it. It is still very slow and hard to control.
  7. Well, yes, we need to test how much it can handle. I think, that with one NERV Motor with ist 60kN trust in vacuum you should be fine, but if you put something more powerful there, like Mainsail with 1500kN of trust ...
  8. That is not difficult at all, just use two hinges rotatet to 90 degrees to each other. One hinge will move up an down second hinge right and left and you have gimballed NERV Motor. sorry I cant add image right now
  9. Only a simple airplane which is filled with new BG robotic parts. They can produce a lot of drag and because of that I hide all of them inside of fairings.
  10. After three days of constant tweaking and tuning I finally managed to converge to final iteration of this plane. Sweet mother of tentacles, the kraken visited me so many times (that's why I am calling this plane the Summoner). I was fighting with jumpy landing legs, my wing fell off during landing, engine mounts were doing breakdance and two ladders was able to reduce my maximum speed by one mach. My intention was to build aeroplane which is VTOL capable, can fold its tail and wings and despite of that can achieve speed 2.2 Mach without afterburner and Mach 3 with afterburner. craft
  11. You can have only one color of the suit light for gender. By default it is orange color. see following video by Inter's Odyssey:
  12. Jeb is allways happy, until you crash or until something on your ship explode. At that point he become worried for a moment.
  13. Because Jeb is badS I thimk Edit: I want just add that when I am flying even Jeb is scared.
  14. Don't give up. How hard could it be. And in whorst case, tomorow youtube will be full of videos about KSP robotics.
  15. In my career I do have one base on minmus. But that poor thing is soo ugly, that I wouldn't mind if it will be torn apart by some ice creame scoop
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