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  1. This is the best gun I have seen. It can shoot to the behind of the gun. And is there any free gif makers?
  2. Symphony No.9 in E minor, Op.95 "From the New World":4 Allegro con fuoco - Antonin Dvorak
  3. There are lots of people around me says that Chinese math education is more difficult than in other countries. So I want to know the truth. Tell me the math educations in grade 7-9 in your country. Algebraic part:1, rational number, irrational numbers, real numbers 2, integer, fractional, two times root 3, unary equation, unary two equations, two (three) meta equations, two unknows two equations, fractional equations, one-dimensional inequality 4, functions (primary function, two quadratic function, inverse proportional function) 5, statistical preliminary geometric part 1, Line segments, corners 2, intersecting lines, parallel lines 3, triangles 4, quadrilateral 5, similar shapes 6, circles I use bing translater, if you can' t understand it, take look at these Chinese words. 代数部分: 1、有理数、无理数、实数 2、整式、分式、二次根式 3、一元一次方程、一元二次方程、二(三)元一次方程组、二元二次方程组、分式方程、一元一次不等式 4、函数(一次函数、二次函数、反比例函数) 5、统计初步 几何部分: 1、线段、角 2、相交线、平行线 3、三角形 4、四边形 5、相似形 6、圆
  4. I saw your USS Voyager in kerbalX. It looks very good!

    Monday Monday

    What did you do today? Go to work? Go to school? Sleep in home? Set off firecrackers (play KSP)? Or do something else.
  6. You are right. The head is too heavy so the ship will somersaults.Don‘t foget the solid booster, it can make a lot of thrust to help you to overcoming resistance and acting as a counterweight.When my rocket somersaults, I usually make a long rectifier cover and a big wing to increase the resistance of somersault. Can you understand my words? These sentences have many words I don't know. Chinese:你是对的。火箭翻跟头是因为头太重了。不要忘记固体推进器,它能制造许多推力来克服空气阻力并充当配重。当我的火箭翻跟头时,我通常会制造一个较长的整流罩并添加机翼来增加阻力。
  7. In China, we can't watch Star Trek TV series. We can only watch Movies...
  8. I want to launch two, but my computer can't load thousands of parts, and it can't keep itself stability. Damn jet lag, I need to wait for about greater than five hours. Grammarly is so good. It helps a lot to talk with you.
  9. I have adjusted the angle of the booster. It can fly well in space. But I can only use "Set Orbit" to move it to space. @razark You're right. I did it very superficially. I watch this to build. Just look the English and the picture, you don't need to understand those Chinese.
  10. I can't launch it... I sended it to kerbalx. https://kerbalx.com/ZZYZZY/NCC-1701USS-Enterprise If someone can let it launch.I will thank him.
  11. I've just crashed my game. I don't know how many parts on it. I am building the launch device. I can't count the parts on the ship. And yes, it is all stock parts.
  12. NCC-1701-A/USS Enterprise Building... How do you think about it?
  13. How can you play it so smooth?How many parts on it? How can RCS strong like this?My RCS is so week... I think that use the Rectifier Cover to make the central area of the deck is better.I think it's a little messy to do it with a wings.
  14. Thank you.But I ask this question because I don't want to cheat.