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  1. I've tried reinstalling, but unfortunately it didn't work, though i noticed that only some clouds have this problem, there is som clouds working as intended.
  2. Hello, i ahve a heavly modded instal and im having problems with Kerbin Clouds. The visual mods i have installed are: Eve Astronomer's Visual Pack Scatterer 0.723 DistantObject PlanetShine I dont have the stock configs for EVE installed (it conflics with AVP). https://imgur.com/a/Q64Rbv2
  3. Hello, just a quick question: Is there a way to increse the brightness of the metalic parts? I tried the ambient light boost on settings but it has little to no effect on metalic parts
  4. Hi, im having an weird bug that idk if its related to EVE or Scatterer. https://imgur.com/a/cKX2ZyO I tryed using a prior version of EVE but i got the same problem.
  5. Hello. So, im having a little issue with the Strut Connector and the Fuel Duct, i can place them on the craft, but when i try to connect the other end it just bugs out and not connect or take the section to which i was trying to atatch it out of the vehicle. I looked at the common issues and searched a bit on the intertet but i havent found anything about it.
  6. Ok, now im having another bug. the Planets with atmosphere looks fuzzy from a far. I tryed unninstalling scatterer and it solved it so i think it is the cause.
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