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  1. Send a space station to the sun. Ground a space station.
  2. What about this but in ksp equivalent of it
  3. What about rocket fly into ten others and they all explode.
  4. Fraktal I want you to be a the lead experimentalist in this project. Basically the person who does the insane stuff and tests if it kills them. As for James Kerman you are the person that does THAT!
  5. Perfect! Mabey send a huge wave of them to the Sun.
  6. I’m Thinking of making a rocket fly into another rocket full of kerbals on full power.
  7. Come up with crazy ways to kill kerbals.
  8. Thank for everyone that helped me with the questions.

    Thanks, mikenike, Star hawk, Dman, and everyone else.

  9. The same reason people kill the sims in Sims
  10. By falling, crashing, sending then out in orbit, and etc.
  11. Gotta Kill em all in the weirdest ways possible.
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