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  1. Chapter 2:Testing, Orbit, and Polar Today, the Kerbal Exploratory Committee is testing out their first launch vehicle, the Chester-1, it will bring multiple scientific experiments to a 120 kilometers by 110 kilometers orbit of Kerbin. Right now it is in the phase of testing the LV-T45 "Swivel" Engine on a test stand Its use is for launching payloads of up to 0.3+ Tons into space. It was time to see if the Chester-1 could launch the First Kerbin Satellite. As Mission control proceeded to do the nightly checks on it, it seems like everything was in order so far.
  2. So, my last attempt at making a Mission report ended up in disaster because Kerbalism broke somehow, I hope it doesn't end up the same here. I guess I'll do a spacerace Mods Chapter 1(You're here) Chapter 2 Chapter 1:Dead of a Kerbal Nothing to see here, just a random teleporting object that requires construction. Wernher von Kerman had said this advanced sounding rocket could help the Kerbal Exploratory Committee in gaining enough data to get better technology for building better crafts. Maybe this could be the future key to getting the actual first
  3. Chapter 2.5:Snack and Cheese Today, the Kerbal Alien Discoverer Society was gonna attempt again at a Minmus flyby, after doing some extensive checks on the Snack-1-BII. The KSC is hoping that the rocket won't fail again for a third time if not... Then they would've to do something about it, like changing the laws of Kerbal engineering... somehow Seeing the rocket not having failures at the moment was weird, even for Gene, who had thought that it would most likely fail. Although then, there was all that waiting at LAN with the autopilot... maybe waiting for to
  4. Chapter 2: Failure after Failure Today was a weird day at the Kerbal Space Center, first, they now had to construct the launch vehicle and the spacecraft instead of just popping it into existence, and second, parts could somehow start breaking down now. This was all so bizarre since The Kerbal Alien Discoverer Society's vehicles didn't have such thing as this. The Kerbal Space Center staff had a reunion for this but couldn't discover any reason for this to happen. Has most of the staff left, but Gene wouldn't let Wernher out of the meeting room at this moment. "So, could y
  5. Chapter 1: Minmus for Cheese Today on Year 1, Day 338, The Kerbal Alien Discoverer Society is gonna launch their Probe to insert into the Orbit of Minmus. The Green-Cheese 1 will be launched on top of a Snack-1 Launch vehicle with what at some point was originally the Munar injection stage, now rebranded as the Minmus insertion stage. Here we can see some pictures taken from a bunch of local drones And lift off! As Snack-1 with the Green-Cheese-1 launches off the pad! Meanwhile, from the Mission Control centre. Gene was concerned about the new physics problem that ther
  6. Honestly, this is my first time making a Mission report of some sort, and honestly, I should've gone with an entirely new save, but I used one that was already in progress since I didn't really want to spend lots of time re-collecting the science for unlocking technology Mod list Objectives: -Find The Monoliths in Kerbin-Minmus-Mun system -Land Kerbals on the moons of Kerbin -Possibly start a Minmus base Chapters Prologue(This post) Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 2.5 Prologue Probe landing on the Mun (before N-body physics) At the K
  7. Hey, so I'm wishing of being able to use all the mechjeb features at the start of the tech tree, but I don't know how to do it at all.
  8. So, I got 12 errors all originating from the rescale.cfg. Here are the logs and mod list in a file https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kCnLgO3mv4Lx7lRr1MJtmh0b1o7ARZpd/view?usp=sharing
  9. Hey, apparently Persistent Thrust conflict gave me millenias long burn time with no lift capacity unless I ignite the engine, but with this bug I can't use Mechjeb Ascent Guidance.
  10. Removing Persistent Thrust resolved the problem
  11. The reduced thrust config is for editing Near Future electric engines. Also, I removed Persistent thrust, and now I will try test if that was the case
  12. Its 1.9.1, and it works manually, And I guess the problem might be the KRASH Simulation mod. I'll check if it is
  13. I Also don't seem to be able to use the Ascent Guidance of Mechjeb with this bug Logs Mod list
  14. Hey, I suggest having the ability to type in the inclination and altitude for the Satelite builder contracts. Since it is quite annoying having to continously click until you get to something like High Synchronous orbit in something like JNSQ Kerbin(8968.11 km)
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