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  1. I'd love a RSS style standalone game with the stuff from KSP 2. Especially if you can mod it as much as normal KSP, that would be epic.
  2. Well, it seems to now work. Which is great! Though I have an another question. Why do the one star contracts take place in High orbits such as 799.212 km? I have always wondered that.
  3. I applied all the patches, but strangely it is still not showing. Is this because I'm on 1.11?
  4. @VoidSquidHey, what do I have to correct in line 19? Cause I don't understand what you mean with "(a closing bracket too much)"
  5. I have added the patch but now the contract for putting a new Satellite is gone for some reason. Any ways to fix that?
  6. Oh thanks, do I put the MM patch in the same folder as cleversats? Or do I put it in a separate folder?
  7. Hey, I have a question. I have the Stayputnik probe, Solar panels unlocked and the rng is liking me. But it says that I have the Stayputnik probe requirement as unmet for some reason. I don't know if this is because I'm playing with Unkerballed Start or what, but is this some sort of bug?
  8. I have a question, how does one use the EVA construction mode to attach a flexotube to parts of your base?
  9. Hey, does anybody have any examples of MKS being used side-by-side to 1.11 ksp inventory and building system. I started wondering about it and I couldn't find any footage or images by googling.
  10. Here we go, back at it again, hope I don't end up messing up this one too mod list Prologue(You're here) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Minmus, a moon of Kerbin. One of the closest objects to Kerbalkind. Ever since the development of the first minty green snacks such as cookies, Kerbals have been questioning if "does Minmus taste like mint ice cream? Or is it something else?" Though Kerbalkind hadn't had the capacity for building rockets ever since The year -50. War had destroyed the land in the place the first rocket techn
  11. Hey, so I'm using the test stand, and I got this weird problem. It basically started spinning when warping, and when I enter map view, it ends up like this. Here is my modlist And my logs and modulemanager cache. logs and MMcache I am playing on version 1.9.1
  12. Mod list: AlphaMensae's Modular Launch Pads (ModularLaunchPads 2.0.7b) Animated Decouplers (AnimatedDecouplers v1.4.2.2) Antenna Helper (AntennaHelper 2: AtmosphereAutopilot (Fly-By-Wire) (AtmosphereAutopilot v1.5.16) B9 Aerospace Procedural Wings - Fork (B9-PWings-Fork 1:v0.93) B9 Part Switch (B9PartSwitch v2.16.0) BahamutoD Animation Modules (BDAnimationModules 1:v0.6.5.9) BARIS Bridge (BarisBridge v1.10) BetterBurnTime (BetterBurnTime 1.9.1) Bluedog Design Bureau (BluedogDB v1.7.1) Bob's Panic Box (BobsPanicBox 1:0.0.
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