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  1. Hey, so I got the launch complex branch now.... but now I'm getting this weird thing that is stopping me from building an aerobee because it isn't the minimum 11 tons for some reason.
  2. Hey, so I tried playing with the launch complex branch, ksp communityfixes master branch, realism overhaul master branch but there is no 1957 scenario and there is still build points instead personnel to hire and put into as scientist or construction workers like in a stream made by nathankell of rp-1. What do I do? Also, does this require a log file?
  3. I just realized I have airbrakes. God, wish I noticed it earlier. @jimmymcgoochie Edit: After the airbrakes it can't reach 75+ km altitude anymore, but at least its safer now, so better than nothing I guess
  4. @jimmymcgoochieHey, is it normal for the craft to start getting the red supersonic windy thing?
  5. Thanks! I'm using the XLR-11 mostly because I fear what sort of accident I could get into if I used the XLR-25 due to what happened to the Bell X-2. Anyway, gonna go try this out
  6. So, I'm currently trying to design a rocketplane for high altitude flight, but its all a mess and there's not enough space on it. And that annoys me a lot. And I don't know if I have done a good or a bad job because I don't know what sort of designs I can even reference at all. This is my Craft File in case anybody wanna show an example of what I could do to fix it. I was trying to use 3 engines just so that I could get enough TWR to have an easier time reaching high altitude. I still haven't placed the RCS because it isn't finished
  7. That sounds cool. I haven't gone to a museum in a while. Though there's probably not that much aerospace stuff where I live. And I'm still waiting for the help. But I guess it isn't coming. Kinda wondering if I can just take any sort of designs from https://www.militaryfactory.com/aircraft/index.php and turn it into a rocketplane?
  8. Sure! X-1 Rocket plane(Tried to follow the real life X-1 design) And also here's the supposed X-2 that was supposed to replace it once I get the better engine X-2(Also tried to copy the real life version)
  9. Yes, I have tried to turn the RCS on, after I designed the next version of this with the RCS on, the first screenshot didn't have them on. This is the screenshot of the most current version of the design in use. X-1 Rocket plane latest craft version It is pretty much a copy of an X-1 rocket plane, I tried making an X-2 craft, but it doesn't move that well even at low altitudes, and that apparently had gone through higher altitudes in real life. Could you draw on the image to tell me where I should do the change? Edit: Here's the newer current version with my attempt at interpreting what you said. Also, is there anything I need to do with the wings?
  10. I'm using a double XLR-11 rocketplane that is basically a copy of the X-1, today I reached around 60+ km altitude while the engine was on. As it was on the rocketplane slowly drifted upward slowly going upside down. I had to turn the engine off to stop that. So, I decided to add rcs, problem is that even with RCS it still starts flipping itself upside down at high altitudes. And the Rcs keeps firing even when I don't input anything. I am using Atmosphere autopilot to fly the craft all the way up to 60+km and back down.
  11. I am using the contract configurator mod alongside many other mods and was wondering why are there not a single stock contract outside of the testing ones? Mission control and mod folder and Contract pack Logs
  12. So, I'm having the problem of my ksp game crashing after completing the Nasat contract for the latest version of RP-1 for 1.8.1, it honestly annoys me quite a lot. I honestly don't know what might cause it so I've brought my entire logs Logs
  13. Apparently crashing a probe on the surface of the Mun with the Mun Probe strategy active ends up fulfilling the requirements of the strategy about landing in at least 3 places. Is this normal? I recently discovered this in JNSQ
  14. Got a problem with the procedural fairings in which the fairing base causes the entire craft to freak out in the VAB when I try to move it. KSP logs
  15. I'd love a RSS style standalone game with the stuff from KSP 2. Especially if you can mod it as much as normal KSP, that would be epic.
  16. Well, it seems to now work. Which is great! Though I have an another question. Why do the one star contracts take place in High orbits such as 799.212 km? I have always wondered that.
  17. I applied all the patches, but strangely it is still not showing. Is this because I'm on 1.11?
  18. @VoidSquidHey, what do I have to correct in line 19? Cause I don't understand what you mean with "(a closing bracket too much)"
  19. I have added the patch but now the contract for putting a new Satellite is gone for some reason. Any ways to fix that?
  20. Oh thanks, do I put the MM patch in the same folder as cleversats? Or do I put it in a separate folder?
  21. Hey, I have a question. I have the Stayputnik probe, Solar panels unlocked and the rng is liking me. But it says that I have the Stayputnik probe requirement as unmet for some reason. I don't know if this is because I'm playing with Unkerballed Start or what, but is this some sort of bug?
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