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  1. thankyou. ...but it's nowhere near as effective as a aerodynamic plane is it (especially considering we now have had the opportunity to pay for folding wings (an effective part). considering wasted construction time vs said exponentially faster, more aerodynamic air craft with much less wasted time top speed..... ...considering said rotors are now in the game forever, opening the doorway for a more redundant dlc > NOVELTY wears off > buy dlc > novelty wearing off ad infinitum ruining of game, by way of putting in rubbish parts with no longevity that only serve the "sandpit" contigent of the community....
  2. he puts three massive engines on them..... and spams his pictures in peoples threads. if you think the aerodynamic quality of a "tri engined, plus rotary winged monstrosty" is "effective" (even though you have stated they are for mess about sandbox purposes already), then yes; being "out" would be appreciated.... ...please don't spam the thread with pictures Brikoleur
  3. this thread (SEE TITLE) is specifically asking for effective purpose, of which nobody has provided one.................................. there is no point in artificial gravity, as kerbals are non controllable inside, they sit down and makes faces.... all the other suggestions revolve around being ferris wheels (we have various functional wheels already). ferris wheels are too delta-v consuming to be "effective"...... and pertain to visuals only so you should stop making things up. i will tip my hat to someone who makes a functional helicopter as i am too lazy to even attempt to asign to the tail rotor ( baring in mind you can go 20x faster with a plane... i will not be finding out) it is a matter of principle. the community wanted to play with viable "helicopters" > they gave us "rotors". that's bad, and AGAIN it is a very slippery slope......................................
  4. make your mind up ? functional helicopter OR "strange contraption"...............
  5. because rotary wings don't belong where there is no atmosphere and zero gravity....... (what with having to to pay "real life" money for the DLC, that doesn't give you, what is insinuated by the completely useless part in question) which would be totally fine ...if they weren't putting MASSIVE ROCKET ENGINES on them. - you are telling me a "spinny thing" makes the game better for you in your opinion and believe the "novelty of putting a spinny thing" is going to be lasting thereafter ? because i am of an alternate belief... - considering the junk is now in the game forever. it's a slippery slope..................
  6. EVERY other part has practical use though ? or is a variant of a part that has practical use (pretty sure / can not think otherwise for any) even the goo pod etc; yields science. however rotors, have no use WHATSOEVER - we have wheels already..... and as stated - why go at 50m/s when you can go at 1000m/s. why even bother playing on kerbals if you like "snail pace theme park sandbox games". if they were for "visual purpose" then, they could have saved themselves ALOT of programming time and given us fairy lights or something (WHICH WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER)...
  7. oh ok; most normal people would use a non-rotary winged aircraft, due to that being pointless.... i don't suppose you will be posting pictures of said pointless objects on any forums would you......................... ??? [snip]
  8. that's very strange because there is apparently one flying around at 100ms ??? - please could you also tell me what those three large cylindrical "MASSIVE ENGINE" looking things are on your "chopper"; are they for aesthetic purposes etc ? and you know we are talking about "helicopters" (you are refering to "choppers" for some seemingly HIGHLY evasive reason). kerbal "space program" (BIG clue is in the name, is about playing on a "build and then fly space sim mod". [snip]
  9. [snip] - i think you will find, kerbals space program [snip] is about launching things into space - and they could have left the completely pointless part out that "anything someone can come up with" can be used, to "rotate things" [snip] , that i am still waiting for someone to suggest a non ferris wheel type use for.... as already stated. you can't control kerbals inside thus "anti gravity rings" would also fit into the "COMPLETELY redundant" category btw...
  10. i am not talking about the laws of physics and timewarping............ failing to understand how you can't grasp that they are completely pointless for career mode when there are things called "jet engines" about ???. i'd be VERY suprised 100ms; - please show me non modded that gets to 100ms... baring inmind jet engined can go approximately "10x faster....." [in 0.5mph rating (to point out...)] getting a helicopter into orbit is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS (even for kerbals ...), if you put rotary wings on an orbital craft, [snip], that is all.................
  11. ..."alot of work" to then: also what is the point of a "rotating space station" ? baring in mind antennas and panels work fine and dandy, without the pointlessly rotaing bit ?, beyond being: (hence being a "completely pointless part in the game, put in seemingly for no reason" (atleast that i can think of, what with not wanting to make ferris wheels, and it being a pita to get said completely pointless ferris wheel into orbit ?)
  12. play stock game.... or ask modders to work with dx11 (unless my gpu is just excrementsty (pic 1 looks better visually then anything i have played on via my computer).
  13. it is highly offensive calling them "scrubs" and of COMPLETE ignorance of thier workload. r.i.p jebediah, mission 1; i still miss you dearly.
  14. sorry; i get confused, what with the intagibles of the game being very very boring.... m/s / kmp/h 5mph who cares... fact being fact, they still don't have helicopters and the things people are making are completely useless in career mode due to low speed (like i told you). thankyou for your long post though....
  15. ..must suck at the game pretty badly in that case my mistake