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  1. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi there. If you liked what I do, here’s an invitation to my own server. Feel free to join. https://discord.gg/XQm6GrkAyT ____________________________________________ AG-creative Shed _______________________________________________ Azur Griff landed on the Mun.
  2. This is a test with the new steel caterpillar
  3. I'm glad you're doing so well with this package. I will definitely try it in the game.
  4. " When you sink in lava... " Really good. These demonstration pictures are also very beautiful. You solved it tastefully. The quality you are used to.
  5. Oh yes .... I was careless during installation. It's my fault, thanks for the answer and your patience.
  6. Hello! Thank you to the team for their work. Nice tasteful work. I myself encountered the flaws of the headlights. No other mods are installed for KSP (brand new 1.10 installation) except Restock. Please check out the link. https://i.imgur.com/cY56dfb.mp4
  7. Azur components I'm making a component package. From modified parts taken from own and other mods (with permission, of course). The package consists of several parts. I’m currently working on the Azur components, but there will be more. The point is, these will show up in my film series. With her color scheme, I try to show something new. The basic concept is that these parts are made in 3D printing. Therefore, it does not have plate-faced covers. I know that if I don't share the work, I can theoretically change the modes, but I would like to thank the creators of the works whose works and models I can use in my own project. Thanks guys! Raptor Hunter Orbital_phoenix TiktaalikDreaming NecroBones Padrone 2020. december 15.
  8. In fact, it does not have a ring, it has an aesthetic role. They have RCS at the ends, it also helps in stabilization.
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