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  1. At the beginning of the game we are moving
  2. Cunitz 2.0 I can save this type from the game of 1.3.1, which made me glad because this type is the one of the best flight ability space shuttle what I could built. The flight in the air and also in the space is very balanced with it. I have added a little craft and also a shuttle to it. The main task of the Cunitz 2.0 is to transport tourists. Its move to orbit around the target and with the little craft I can make come true the wishies of the kerbal tourists. This space shuttle got her name from Maria Cunitz who was a famous astronomer from Poland.
  3. Yes I usually use that style. The ARI-73 is my fav (this poor guy is so white for me). Thanks!
  4. Thanks! I am glad you like it. My fav mod is the OPT and as I love sci-fi so that's why I built such ships. I am planning to use less mods and I rather use OPT because you can almost build everything with it. This craft on my last picture is not the finished version.
  5. Thank you for the opportunity and for solving it.
  6. Hi. I've been looking for this opportunity, good thing it can be done here. I was careless in naming. I just want to replace the letter h with the letter s. So AG-cs. Thanks!
  7. It's an older video, but I thought I'd share it.
  8. I'm glad the problem has been resolved.
  9. Thanks. I think so too. Somewhere I read about forcing a better bug reporting method. I do not remember
  10. There was a similar topic here