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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2662942286 (This guide shows how to find the parts for the tutorial) I found this, while browsing guides to reacquaint myself with controls/mechanics. I'd uninstalled KSP back around 2019 and thought to reinstall & give it another try last night.
  2. First, please understand that I know little-to-nothing about writing code, changing codes, etc., and changing the 'under-the-hood' stuff in software like this game...I've never used mods or add-ons in a game before...I want to install MechJeb, and MechJeb-For-All, and so need to install this "Module Manager" also...so my question: when I look for the KSP 'Game Data' folder in my computer it has another folder inside named 'Squad'... >steamapps>common>Kerbal Space Program>Game Data>Squad and inside the 'Squad' folder are approx. 20 more folders...do I put the 'Module Manager', 'MechJeb', and 'MechJeb-For-All' files inside the Squad folder, or just inside the 'Game Data' folder but outside of the 'Squad folder? Thank you for your time and assistance.
  3. I've had the game less than two weeks, so mostly do not know what I'm doing...playing career mode, desktop PC, without mods or add-ons...as I build things I am careful to attach parts on the green/black indicators for "connection points"...but as I have been browsing through you-tube videos and guides I have noticed that many people are building things in which they move parts using the move and/or rotate tools, in some cases moving the parts what appears to me to be a significant distance from the original point it snapped onto. My questions and/or confusions: > Does the game's coding or mechanics or whatever you call the 'behind-the-scenes" part of the game not care where/how a part is attached to another part? > Are parts that have been 'edited' (rotated/moved from the original snap-to point) more prone to fall off, break or in some other way fail? > If the parts have been moved (and to my thinking "misaligned") with the move and/or rotate tools, are angles, thrust lines, lifting surfaces, etc., affected, causing a craft to behave in unexpected ways or to respond to control inputs differently than expected? > If none of this matters, what is the point of the green/black connection points...I was operating from the assumption it is where the parts have to be attached, to be attached 'correctly'...it's very possible I did not read something correctly or entirely in the beginning and have been operating with incomplete information. It seems that the vast majority of people using this game are playing a version that barely resembles the original game, due to all the mods and add-ons being used...so when I watch someone showing how they build xyz craft or abc plane is it probably possible because of the mods and add-ons, and it's not mentioned in the video because they presume "everybody does it" (uses mods and add-ons)? I linked a video below as an example of the "moving/turning" I am asking about -- at approx. 0:15 in the video he attaches three antenna then rotates/moves them and the end result is that the attachment points of the three antenna now appear as one item with three faces. I apologize if I'm breaking some rule by posting his video as an example...I do not intend to indicate that he's doing anything wrong or cast him nor the video in a negative light...I'm just using it as an exemple and asking for clarification about how the game's "engine" or coding or whatever it's called treats these types of edited connections in regards to aerodynamics, thrust lines and forces applied to the parts -- in the case of this example would the antennas more easily break-off when going through an atmosphere at speed since they are no longer attached to the original green/black connection point? Thank you for your time and assistance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzqVfjlsb7U
  4. Playing Career Mode, on desktop PC, with no Mods or add-ons (just base game version got the game 10-days ago. Have been watching a lot of youtube videos and reading a lot of blogs to get some "how-to" type information and have discovered that as the game has been updated features were added, changed or deleted entirely, etc., that caused big changes in the way the physics in the game works, the way parts can and cannot be used -- and so things that are being shown in an older video or described in an older blog, may not be even possible with the current version of the game. I've found blogs and video channels that span years and started with basic tutorial-type instructions appropriate for a brand new player, and then over time the video creators and/or blog authors became more and more advanced in the game and left the "brand-new-player" stuff far behind -- but those videos/guides/tutorials are still out there and many do not have anything edited to them to tell a brand new player: "This can no longer be done in the current game, so don't waste your time..." -- I wasted a lot of time and frustration trying to design/launch a device based on an old "guide" and many hours/days later discovered a comment buried many layers deep which indicated "this no longer is possible"...but some of these videos, guides and tutorials have hundreds of comments, in some cases spanning several years and it is mind-numbingly tedious trying to scan through them all. Can those who are experienced in this game please give me some approximate dates of big game-changing updates that I could use as a rough guide to choosing which tutorials and "how-to's" to ignore? Thank you for your time and assistance.
  5. As my Kerbals gain XP/levels and/or I upgrade the facilities of the Space Station on Kerbin, will I be able to change out parts on craft or assemblies, or add additional parts, after they have been launched...for example could I go to a satellite and add more solar panels, different battery or antenna, etc.? If I cannot 'upgrade' something, such as a satellite, is it possible to bring it back to recover some of the cost...but if it was not designed originally for re-entry don't know how it could be 'recovered'. Sorry if this is basic stuff covered somewhere, but I'd not seen it...have had the game only 9-days and so much to learn about the game mechanics. I'm playing Career Mode, on desktop PC, without mods or add-ons. Thank you for your time and assistance.
  6. Is this built with parts available in the un-modded version of the game? I've only had the game for about a week now, and started in "Career Mode" and have not unlocked much of the tech-tree as yet...but when I look through sections I've yet to unlock I don't see parts/assemblies that look similar to the screenshot (my game has no mods or add-ons, etc.) Thank you for your time and assistance.
  7. Have only had the game 6-days, loving it so far...started playing "Career Mode", on desktop PC, with no mods or add-ons of any kind...limited in parts until I unlock more sections of the tech tree, and after unlocking some of the miniaturized stuff I thought of a question: if I fly a craft with a Kerbal Pilot carrying along a small drone/probe (will have no on-board pilot/crew), when I arrive at a destination and want to launch the drone how would I switch control from the craft piloted by the Kerbal Pilot to being able to control/fly the drone? I haven't tried building anything like this yet, so perhaps (hopefully) it will become self-evident once I start, but wanted to ask beforehand. Is it as simple as just r-clicking the command unit on the drone/probe and choosing something like a "Take Control/command" option from the menu? (Will be using the Probodobodyne OKTO until more tech is unlocked). If I were to launch a craft from Kerbin without a Kerbal Pilot then antenna range would be a factor, but if I have a Kerbal Pilot in the craft that carries the drone and, for example, put it in orbit around Mun and launch the drone to go down closer to the surface would control be coming directly from the craft in orbit and its antenna, or would I still be controlling the drone through the Tracking Station back on Kerbal and thus have to take antenna range into consideration? Thank you for your time and assistance.
  8. Thank you for the reply & information.
  9. I have only had the game since 3/18, so I am brand new to all of it, but when I looked at your screenshot the last sentence in the text from the 'instructor' indicates you should turn off the CoM (Center-of-Mass) button -- check to see if it's been clicked? Apologies if I'm reading it incorrectly. Edit: After looking at the screen-shot more carefully, it appears that Center-of-Mass is in fact already switched off, so my advice can/should be ignored -- sorry, I should have looked a little closer (I'm 60-yrs old in RL, can I use 'old-eyes' as excuse?)
  10. Just bought/downloaded the game 3/18/19...while looking through files I found a bunch of pre-loaded ships & devices, but wondered if they get updated along with the game itself? If a ship was created/built using parts from (for example) 4-years ago, would the ship function with stats from the original parts, or current parts/stats? Note: Playing on desktop PC, without mods or add-ons, if that makes any difference. Thank you for your time and assistance.
  11. Thank you. Such information might be good to post in an FYI type place...or if it is, may I have a link to read it so as to not have to ask dumb-questions again in the future? Thank you for your time and assistance.
  12. Just registered forum account day or two ago, so perhaps this is due to being new account...but when I go to 'settings' and then click the option/tab on the r-side of screen which says "Edit Profile" I get a pop-up window saying "You are not allowed to Edit this Profile"...why can I not edit my own profile?
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