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  1. I just got a message on twitter and they said Thursday if y'all know how I can show the screenshot I would post it here
  2. What kind of monster doesn't use Twitter dark mode, it must be fake lol
  3. Listen, some people (like me) are just angry at the fact that we have waited a very long time for this update (or just any update to fix the broken state of the console game that we have right now). Some people have said earlier that the problem could be with Xbox and PlayStation with releasing it but if that was the case how did Xbox and PlayStation let them release the previous update that has TONS of game breaking bugs. I'm glad they are testing this DLC before releasing it (finally) because I swear they didn't even bother testing the other update we got back in the summer of last year. I j
  4. They didn't lose any sleep when they released the last update for console and that was basically unplayable for most people.
  5. Dude do you even play on console?! The last update we got was 6 months ago meanwhile pc gets regular updates and patch fixes. The last update they did release was broken and they didn't even bother to release a patch or "delay the release to fix the bugs".
  6. We just wanted updates because literally everytime Squad says "soon" to console players it's literally like months before something is dropped.
  7. Honestly it would be nice to have better communication if anything, I'd appreciate them giving us daily info about where the update is at than just make us wait like this. Honestly not that hard to type 50-100 word message a day explaining what's going on. PC shouldn't have the right to get angry at us for being angry at the devs because they've never had to deal with a blackout in communication with the devs/updates for half a year.
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