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  1. Just use the move gizmo (i think its called that) and move it around the top of the nosecone, best way to test it is trail and error, see what works best for you
  2. I would recomend just putting an ore tank in the top of the nosecone, stopped it flipping backwards for me
  3. I was wondering if you would consider adding the option to turn the vents on midflight? Would love to do a starship like LOX dump!
  4. I doubt a SSD or hard drive would make much of a difference here Also do i need to uninstall my old visual pack (AVP) or can i just install this on top of it?
  5. Hi im having an issue with crashing, as soon as mods have loaded and it trys to go to the main menu it crashes
  6. Good news, it works! Bad news, i tryed to spawn a rocket on it and went to 45 angle and krakened
  7. i install the latest textures and replaced the hightmap still didnt work
  8. Hi im having an issuing with installing, after getting the mod and installing the hight map on the ksc screen nothing appears other than space + tracking station crashes the game
  9. Is it just lc39a/b at the moment and runway, would love a slc 40 /41
  10. If i use RSS, will the map on the consle change?
  11. did i miss page 100 wow just pure and utter wow, fantastic screenshots, what visual mods are those?
  12. does anybody know of any real plume configs for the delta pack?
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