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  1. Why 1.3.1? I thought 1.4.5 would also be compatible
  2. When they get close to the iss are they not allowed to use rcs because the plume might shoot at the iss
  3. I know what rendezvous and docking are but I can not seem to grasp how they are obtained. What kind of burns are performed and compare to ksp how are they performed in real life? In ksp you can perform a Homahn transfer and get a rendezvous in two burns. In real I heard spacecraft perform multiple burns could someone walk me through this. In real life how do they manage to stay so still and have a relative velocity of 0?
  4. What kind of docking ports did MIR have for visiting spacecraft? What kind of docking port held the modules together? How did they change the ports for space shuttle dockings?
  5. I want to learn how to mod KSP. I have a little bit of C# under my belt and know basic programming terms. Are there any tutorials to start learning.
  6. Does anyone know any mods to make the iss in realism overhaul
  7. @Beale I was only asking because in the RO game file it has some tantares configs but whenever I load the game they all say non RO
  8. Is this compatible with Realism overhaul because when ever i use it it says non RO
  9. @Briso I did what the post said to do but even then the shuttle is still uncontrollable even with mechjeb flying it.
  10. @Briso do you know of any fixes for the gambling. Like editing the file or something
  11. @edwin.robert thank any chance you could upload your file in which you resized it
  12. It’s working now I download a older version of IR and it’s all good It’s working now I download a older version of IR and it’s all good