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  1. Hot Garbage Flying Bomb Kerbal Kooker Kerbin Krasher Never Returning Top Heavy
  2. Sixty-six written upside down
  3. I AM GROOT!!
  4. 10/10 are you implying that you live on a boat? That's awsome.
  5. Don't ask because I don't know. But whatever it is it's awsome.
  6. Floor 5089: you outrun #[email protected] only to encounter Logan Paul. You start running faster to the next floor.
  7. Yes , if you were asking if I'm more than 1 year old. No , if you were asking if I've been around these forums for a year. TUBM is younger than me (I'm 25)
  8. Sandwiching the heat-shield between the capsule and science junior. Apparently when the science junior blew up it took the heat-shield with it.
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