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  1. I just made my own using the dart engines and a bunch of flipping back and forth between action groups. I’m on console, so I don’t have all the mods. The video for some reason starts later than it should have. Still working on the landing.
  2. I shot a video of my second vtol build. It’s not the smoothest take off, and I’ve definitely had better landings. Haha!! I’m not sure what happened with the darts at 2:18, but I need more fuel
  3. My son (12) and I tinker with KSP on PS4. One day I will have my PC again. Until then, I’m stuck skimming the top of what KSP can do. I hope I’m posting this correctly. Everything here flies controls and lands. It’s kind of a weird peeve if they don’t. I’ve sat for over an hour once just making a plane fly. It was a crazy awesome vtol that worked great but was tough to fly. Stupid save problem deleted it, but I will be rebuilding it. This is first plane we built in KSP. Thought this made a cool pic. What’s with the monoliths? My son and I had a little challenge. Make the fastest plane within the atmosphere. Simple rules: it has to take off speed and land. Everything else was open. This was my entry at topping out at 1582m/s (admittedly in a negative grade). This was his. He never could land it, so I won, but his topped out at almost 1700m/s. In trying to explain what little I know about aerodynamics, Bernoulli’s principle, Venturi and such, I came across a forward swept wing and he was enamoured. So I made him one. I’m not sure the lift characteristics match a true FSW. I made this little weirdo today. It takes off, flies around and lands! Just a little puddle jumper. It’s the little brother to the next one. This beast is made for retrieval! I called it the crawler, but that’s not really accurate. The idea is that you take it out, land on a downed vehicle, claw it up, and take it back to base. Like a big tow truck. Yes, I am aware there is a button for that. Haha!! This oddity barely flew. I think those intakes are causing too much drag up front. I may tinker with those another day. This is a little speedy rover I tinkered with for a bit. That 43 was my best speed. This lil feller shoots like a bullet if you can keep it level at takeoff. Sometimes things don’t line up just right. Yeah. I test launched that. It went exactly as expected. I’m a nerd, so I had to at least attemp some sci-fi. The tie interceptor is the one exception to my “has to fly” rule. The xwing isn’t done yet. I called this one the mule. It’s used for taking dockable parts to space and make a bigger craft. These are my sons planes. He’s got an imagination. This is his latest. He drew his inspiration from an SR-71. Another awesome plane he just learned about. Leave it to a 12 year old to weaponize a peaceful game. These “missiles” actually do fire off and hit (fairly well) their target. Now, this little number is a beauty! I have not seen him fly it yet. I don’t think he has. But I love where his head is at!! Welp, that’s the end of my list! Any tips for muddling through this game, stock, on console? I will be rebuilding my vtol soon. That one will have to have video to show that awesomeness!!
  4. Thanks! I’m digging around in the forums to see what all is here. Got a bunch of screenshots. But I’m on console, so no planes to upload.
  5. What about us losers playing this on consoles? I don’t have a plane to upload. Just a lot of screenshots. Does that go in a thread or on its own?
  6. Just found this thread! I’ve been looking for this one! I’ve only been playing for a couple of weeks. My son and I play together on ps4 and we have this “fastest plane” contest. We are only using stock parts as we are on ps4. I got mine to 1551, so I came to compare.
  7. n00b here. I went through a few pages of posts looking for speed challenges. I couldn’t seem to find anything current with only a stock KSP (no mods). I hit 1550m/s and wanted to compare.