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  1. Banned because I felt like it.
  2. Banned for not banning anyone.
  3. Banned for banning someone for not having A's in their name despite you yourself not having them.
  4. I always imagined that multiplayer would work similar to Minecraft multiplayer with servers run by the community with their own sets of rules (like servers dedicated to air to air combat or creating a massive space station) and the moderators of the individual servers could ban people as they see fit. There could also be LAN multiplayer.
  5. Banned for oversimplified pfp.
  6. Is it possible to disable the mod for jet engines? With jet engines it gives weird glitches like having afterburner flames coming out of a standard turbofan.
  7. Banned because this argument has been going on too long.
  8. Banned for insulting the second best Convair aircraft (behind the B-36).
  9. Banned for being short winded.
  10. Banned for default profile picture.
  11. Banned for adding punctuation
  12. Banned for not capitalizing your sentence.
  13. Large boats part pack now issues a fatal error when used with this mod. It gives a showstopper error and then forces a shutdown. If anyone could help me that would be appreciated as I a lot of my craft use tweak scale and I wan't to be able to use my planes with the aircraft carriers in this mod..
  14. What was the version before this bug appeared so I can use that in the meantime?
  15. When I open this mod a strange pink square appears below my ship and it is visible in the SPH. When I load into the runway it stays on the spot where I spawned. This issue disappears when I remove the mod.
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