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  1. Sorry that i'm late to reply as you know today was a big day for spaceflight.
  2. I have found people such as user noodleoflake in the comments of this video implying that you can email someone (unspecified) to receive a copy of SM armory after it was deleted and I remember the big deal around some guy re uploading some of the SM armory mods on spacedock without permission and @SpannerMonkey(smce) taking them down. And I am sorry for not being detailed enough but I intended to report it to the author and he can take action if he chooses. In the case above it is very suspicious to have to email someone for a file especially if its some random guy in the comments of a video. And I feel in that case that it is likely a virus. And if it isn't it still better to be safe than sorry.
  3. It has come to my attention while chatting with user @epicfailure2020 on the topic of people stealing mods (specifically sm armory) that were deleted and in some cases using it to spread viruses and/or charging money for them and we came to the decision to create a thread to report stolen mods that were deleted or are available and re uploaded under a different name. If this thread finds anything that meets these criteria I will report this to the original mod authors and hopefully get them taken down. I will say that this is not the place to download your favorite deleted mods as many of these links are very sketchy.
  4. What mods for the launch pads and realistic terrain
  5. My problem fixed itself so can this thread be locked
  6. I put Val on a plane but the game crashed as it was loading and when I restarted it said that Val was MIA. I tried editing the persistent file for my save when the game was closed and changed the status to alive and saved and closed but when I opened KSP her status still said MIA and the persistent file changed the status back I have mods and this is why I posted here but only mods that add parts (tantares, bdarmory, etc) I Just time warped a year as recommended in some posts but nothing has worked so far.
  7. maby can we get dragon 1 and both versions of starship
  8. that was an old comment turns out it was an issue with an old version of sm armory i still had from the 1.5.1 days by the way does anyone have any idea if sm armory will come back
  9. Getting scatterer (which is a graphics mod) fixed it for me and made the graphics even better
  10. Can anyone show me a picture of what the fairing on the tks looks like because I cant figure out how the fairing is suposed to look
  11. no weapons do any damage yes i checked the hitpoints
  12. a suggestion: how about the Blue Gemini? it was a version with a longer nose that contained a powerful radar, a extendable arm for placing a "disrupter" on a soviet satellite and a paraglider which could be done by having the wing invisible and using stages/action groups to enable the physics on the wing and making the wing visible. it also had deployable skids that could not be retracted. The disrupter was attached via a ring that could be electronically tightened around a satellite. the disrupter contained explosives and a small thruster the size of a pin hole that could burn for months to make the satellite spin away from the US or spin it slowly to make the USSR think that the satellite is broken and lose trust in this kind of satellite.