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  1. Large boats part pack now issues a fatal error when used with this mod. It gives a showstopper error and then forces a shutdown. If anyone could help me that would be appreciated as I a lot of my craft use tweak scale and I wan't to be able to use my planes with the aircraft carriers in this mod..
  2. What was the version before this bug appeared so I can use that in the meantime?
  3. When I open this mod a strange pink square appears below my ship and it is visible in the SPH. When I load into the runway it stays on the spot where I spawned. This issue disappears when I remove the mod.
  4. Its back. Although the craft I just uploaded can only be viewed if I go to my profile and it doesn't show up when I search by newest uploaded.
  5. No it's just that whatever is hosting the website cant handle large files.
  6. I highly doubt that those conspiracies are true. I remember that the same people that claimed to capture the audio that you linked also created several more like one that supposedly captured a cosmonaut accidentally veering into deep space. Now it is highly improbable that you can accidentally veer off into deep space, first of all is that the Vostok spacecraft of the time only had enough fuel to de-orbit and that's it, second lets say they had some other more powerful spacecraft that would have enough delta v to exit LEO you cannot "accidentally" fire your engine for long enough to push you
  7. First successful space station. First attempt was a complete failure as I couldn't figure out how to circularize so I put it into a highly elliptical orbit (think 100km pe and 1000km ap) so I could never dock anything to it plus I didn't even know how to rendezvous with anything. Second attempt I built a space station so large none of my existing super heavy rocket designs could lift it (not even the Kraken which was a rocket so big and expensive that I only launched it once during my career save file and it crashed because I didn't add enough struts) so I just built a rocket around it since I
  8. Guess they didn't need it for any more tests after that.
  9. Most complicated way to transport a grain silo - nasaspaceflight.
  10. Aight ima head out so I can use this computer to watch the SpaceX stream.
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