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  1. Thanks for the update. I'll keep an eye out for it. Another question on the Emancipator (+ NFE I believe): Given that it cannot produce electricity for the craft, and is virtually impossible to properly cool via a reasonable number of radiators if the reactor power is set >0 (by design AFAICT), and produces full thrust if set to 0 (though the reactor must still be on), is there a practical use for having the power setting slider in the PAW, and setting it >0?
  2. So I'm not sure if this is a bug with the Emancipator, a possible mod conflict, or I'm just not understanding something in the way the engine works. In the VAB and the PAW window for that engine, the expected vacuum Thrust/ISP of 1540kN/2850s are shown, and the expected dV is calculated off of that (~3800m/s with the typical slight difference between KSP and Kerbal Engineer numbers). However, when engaged in-flight, the engine's output jumps to 2002kN/3705s, and as a result the dV of the craft jumps by a corresponding amount (>4900m/s) as shown both in the stock and Kerbal Engineer displays. Example images: Video (unfortunately downsampled, but it helps show what's going on). It's not a huge deal, except that it does throw off burn time calculations and can easily lead to an overshoot if one's not careful. In addition to the base Kerbal Atomics mod, the NF Electronics integration and NTR/LH2 patches are also installed. Thanks.
  3. Yep, that works, thanks. Though it's interesting (at least to me, not being so well versed in the intricacies of Unity and KSP modding) that the presence/absence of the standard Aviation Lights on the craft seemed irrelevant.
  4. So, continuing with this, I stumbled upon an issue that you may want to be aware of (since this is due to a MM-altered part, I'm not really looking for support or a fix). Playing around with the laser spots I'd configured, I figured a small array on the front of the vessel, configured somewhat like crosshairs, would be useful. However, I discovered there seems to be a hard limit of eight. Otherwise, something goes goofy and they seem to lose their focus. Images taken using a test craft I made to verify it wasn't some other part (normal Aviation Lights or otherwise) that were conflicting: There are no other lights on this craft, Aviation Lights mod or otherwise, though that doesn't seem to be a factor as the craft I first found this issue on has a number of the Aviation Lights and the limit of eight spots stands. Color, intensity, range, angle, or positioning of the modified lights don't appear to be a factors either. It also doesn't matter what they're pointing at, as the same thing happens on the launch pad as well. Anyways, not a big deal, just thought you should know. Thanks.
  5. Looks like the same issue I posted a few pages back. NF Solar appears to be missing a texture or other file for that panel.
  6. So this actually works out fairly well. Since the light tends to shine through most parts I was able to hide it dead-center behind the Claw. Very helpful for figuring out where to grab an asteroid. Images: * * * I completely get not wanting to add a second part just for such a limited application. However, if there's a chance of adding a (advanced tweakable) slider to the PAW to adjust the angle of the spot, that would work great too were you so inclined. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks, I'll give that a shot. I've not played with custom MM configs before so I'll have to read up on that.
  8. I like the proposed PAW a lot better. It's much cleaner and easier to understand. The current buttons aren't very clear (I can't simply look at the window and see how the light is configured to behave). I like the idea of being able to change the light mode via an AG, but would it be possible to simplify the list a bit to: On Off Toggle On/Off Steady Mode Flash Mode Double-Flash Mode Interval Mode I think that would cover all AG setup cases. * * * Also, if I may, a feature request: Any chance of a mode that produces an extremely narrow spot, like only a degree or two wide (maybe configurable)? I'd love something that allows me to better align the claw with where it's going to grab an object, such as the irregular surface of an asteroid. i.e., it would basically mimic a laser sight. Thanks.
  9. I'm having an issue with the OKEB-150R solar panel that I can't track the cause of. I can select the part in thew VAB, and place it once. But after that, it is impossible to highlight/select the part. This is the case whether attached to another part, or set aside. Example pic: When this shot was taken, the cursor was on top of the attached OKEB-150R (so it should be highlighted green but isn't)., also, note how the unattached OKEB-150R remains highlighted red, despite not actually being selected. The other panel in the instance (OKEB-500) and all other I've tried behave properly. So far I've deleted Near Future Solar and NFS Core, making sure GameData/NearFutureSolar had been completely deleted, and reinstalled. I also deleted the Module Manger caches at the same time. In KSP.log, the only thing that looks like an error related to the part is the following: [LOG 21:13:30.898] Load(Model): NearFutureSolar/Parts/SolarPanels/deploying-blanket/nfs-panel-deploying-blanket-arm-1 [ERR 21:13:30.908] Texture 'NearFutureSolar/Parts/SolarPanels/deploying-blanket/restock-engine-boar-1' not found! That file is indeed missing (I do happen to also have Restock/+ installed). I did find a reference to 'restock-engine-boar-1' in what Notepad++ could make of 'GameData/NearFutureSolar/Parts/SolarPanels/deploying-blanketGameData/NearFutureSolar/', FWIW. Thanks.
  10. As others have replied, mod support has been confirmed (it's in the FAQ on page 1 of this thread). My concern is lack of modder support. The base KSP1 (and DLCs) is a great, fun game. However, I feel, it was the mods that really helped elevate it to its current position. I can't imagine playing without some essential mods, such as Kerbal Engineer or Precise Maneuver. I really hope the devs have a plan for engaging modders and pre-seeding alpha/beta releases and related tools to some of the top modders so they can get a jump on things and provide feedback on the APIs, tools, and other components used.
  11. Yep, it was IndicatorLights. I didn't have that one installed previously. Thanks for the tip.
  12. Any idea what's up with this odd little bit floating in front of the RA-100 Relay Antenna? This is on a brand-new reinstall of KSP (1.7.3) and Restock/Plus 0.1.4 (though it is using a save from a previous install). I'm not seeing it on the RA-2 or RA-15. Other mods (as pulled from CKAN): If there's any other info to pull please let me know. Thanks.
  13. Oh, this looks very nice. Any reason to believe that it would be problematic to install under v1.6.1? I (like many others I'm sure), are holding back on v1.7 until all of our favorite mods are vetted/upgraded.