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  1. There seems to be an issue with robotics parts moving when a craft is loaded while on the ground. The effect seems to be greater the greater the gravity of the planet, but it only happens if the vehicle is loaded from a save while on the ground. Here is a picture of a robotics-mounted engine upon first spawning: Note that it is centered on the adapter piece it's attached to. Here is the same part after one quicksave and quickload: and after a second quicksave and quickload: It seems to always shift down, although I've noticed a small amount of backwards shifting in other cases. The stronger the gravity, the more it seems to move. I have also noticed an issue with using arms made of robotics parts for refueling while on the ground. The arm gets completely mangled typically. This effect is documented in this video. At around 5:40, 8:00, and 9:30. You can also see a bit of a control situation at 3:00 where it lands with a probe attached to the refueling arm without it getting bent at all. Somewhat ironic that these parts are breaking while on the ground
  2. I wasn't able to download the file. Has it expired?
  3. The Flight of the Scarab - Part 1: Refueling Arm's Seen Better Days