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  1. This is a tilt-rotor gunship styled after the banshee unit from Starcraft II. I hooked up several robotics controllers to various controls such as Yaw and all of the translation controls. These tilt the rotors in various directions and also change the motor speed (for up and down), resulting in some of the easiest hovering control I've seen. Hotkeys: 1: toggle motors 2-5: fire missiles in pairs Staging: fire missiles one at a time And as mentioned before, it responds to all translation controls. Here is a video of it in action (and hopefully the thumbnail showed
  2. Messing around with some fun items on the surface of the Mun. There is a large tower with interior spaces to fly around in, and a long rover trip through the Mun canyon played at 20x speed. The other video that it mentions is this. And the much more exciting followup, using a cannon to launch a kerbal back into Munar orbit!
  3. My favorite SSTO I've made. Its main purpose is to live on Laythe and do island hopping, possibly while towing a tiny rover underneath. It's a tilt-engine VTOL which is nice for navigating terrain. It also has ISRU capability to make sure it can do extended missions. It does need support to get itself (and a rover) to Laythe, and to find where the good ore locations are (so it needed to an LKO refueling station and an orbital survey scanner over Laythe to start its mission). Still, I had a lot of fun exploring Laythe with this craft. Craft File: Seagull Mk. III
  4. https://youtu.be/bt5p_knRMps This video goes over how to create a walking rover that can both turn in place and steer while walking. A basic Kerbin Version is covered in detail, then a more advanced Duna version is briefly covered. This design uses four legs each pointing at diagonal angles. This allows each leg's walking animation to be the same (aside from flipping the directions of some things), meaning you only have to animate one step. Each leg gets its own controller, and then multiple master controllers synchronize those stepping animations to create walking and turning m
  5. There seems to be an issue with robotics parts moving when a craft is loaded while on the ground. The effect seems to be greater the greater the gravity of the planet, but it only happens if the vehicle is loaded from a save while on the ground. Here is a picture of a robotics-mounted engine upon first spawning: Note that it is centered on the adapter piece it's attached to. Here is the same part after one quicksave and quickload: and after a second quicksave and quickload: It seems to always shift down, although I've noticed a small amount of backwards shifting
  6. I wasn't able to download the file. Has it expired?
  7. The Flight of the Scarab - Part 1: Refueling Arm's Seen Better Days
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