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  1. So having purchased the dlc after the latest console update, i can safely say the console version has seemingly got worse. Im on PS4, im consistantly get crashes on all modes be it career, sandbox or otherwise. By crashes i mean no matter what parts i use to build a plane i cant get off the end of the runway without to game crashing to ps4 home screen, this has been the case with 5 out of the 7 new saves i tried. The same thing happens with rockets only it seems to be limited to the parts that where edited in the update. Also whilst in the build menu the game will often not register the buttons i press and instead will switch itself between build menu and selecting crew members for rocket this is happening whilst in the place for building rockets. On the rare occassion i can get off the ground without having to restart the game and go into the map to begin orbits and such the game will often lock the button menu up so i can no longer do anything. In career for some reason, any science points earned from contracts and or science data collection is not given however funds and reputation are, once i recover a craft i will receive science points for doing that only. Crew members usually disappear after game crashes. No doubt theres more but these are the ones that are making my game unplayable and clearly of waste of money. So what exactly did they fix during the port rebuild? Or did they just fix bugs in the rebuilt code and leave the rest for next year? The whole gaming industry are turning into money grabbers!