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  1. No I'll do my best to ship internationally. There may be restrictions on certain countries but I'll do my best.
  2. For those asking, this is the twitter thread: NASA may be slow to comment as they are of course actively working on the real life DART mission, literally today.
  3. Heads up that I couldn't call out every single submission in the twitter thread as 1. there have been a TON! Super impressed with everyone, and 2. I can't share everything due to music issues. BUT, every submission was shared with NASA via email.
  4. Great submission, can't really call out your username on twitter.... sorry!
  5. Thanks so much to everyone for submitting their videos! Really incredible stuff here, and I've been sharing them all with NASA contacts. I'll be creating a twitter thread for all of the entries that will go up in a bit, and NASA will be interacting with it over the next day. For those called out in the twitter thread, please DM the KSP account on twitter your mailing details so we can send you a little something as thanks. Please also include a link to your submission here in the forums.
  6. Hey all, we're looking for more KSP community managers to join the team. Of course, we can't not ask the community itself to see if anyone is interested. If you'd like to play a part in what KSP 2 will become, now is the time to join. Apply here! https://grnh.se/b9abd3eb1us
  7. Hello everyone! KSP Brand Manager here. I come with a gift... the next KSP 2 Feature Video! Check it out here:
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