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  1. I am very confused about Polyus. I know it had an FGB module to dock with, but what was the purpose of the larger black module. In some pictures, I've seen it as some sort of laser cannon while other show it as habitable space. What was at the end of the polyus spacecraft. What were the two radial tanks on the side for? Where are the engines that they had to use? Like the little engines on the Salyut?
  2. I am sorry to keep asking questions, I just love Tantares. It is a really good mod that I have used for a long time and appreciate the effort you put into it. What are some high priority goals or things we can expect in future updates apart from launchers?
  3. I have tried to get this on my game, but it hasn't worked. I've put it in the game data folder and the plugins folder to no avail. Do I need to put it in the Tantares folder or somewhere else?
  4. Are there any updates on Kliper or anything? While I love Polyus, I have been really hoping to have a counterpart to my mini American spaceplane.