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  1. How do the soyuz solar panels maintain consistent solar exposure without constant use of the attitude control system? Wouldn't that drain the peroxide tanks?
  2. Like I've been able to take kerbals to Mun, Minmus, but I've been struggling to build a spacecraft that is able to take Kerbals to other planets. I wanted to build like a modular spacestation/craft like the Hermes that has its own farms and is self-sustaining to a point. But can be very difficult and it falls apart. I also worry that cutting down on my mods will destroy my relay sat infrastructure.
  3. What is the purpose of the three large clamps that surround the docking ring? They don't appear to close at all and remain static throughout the docking process? I could be wrong. Also, I've been having a lot of difficulty getting interest in playing KSP recently. I still love aerospace and love the forums. How do I reintroduce that?
  4. Would anyone mind sending the correct proton staging? I keep trying to use the complete staging and it keeps wobbling. I must have screwed up somehow.
  5. Update on my Lunar Basecamp. Unfortunately don't have screenshots and will send them later. I landed the green house, rover, and habitation model. Used some of the external experiments from Breaking Ground. Currently I have two crews at the basecamp, both landed with the soyuz-fregat lander. I want to slowly faze it out with the new LK-700, but I don't want to have to leave the landing stage. It creates for obstacles while landing and contributes to trash near my basecamp. I hate SSTOs, but I'm unsure on how to proceed. Any advice?
  6. So what is the deal with KSP2? Will mods be transferred to the game or will all current mods remain on KSP? I don't want to leave Tantares behind
  7. Hey, I updated Tantares and I still don't have access to the new landing legs.
  8. I agree. As much as I love Planetary Bases, it does get old after awhile. And it is so incredibly tedious to build.
  9. Thank you! I appreciate it. I really do appreciate the Lk-700 Design, but I want to the use the command module as an orbiter and later lander. Want to try to challenge myself. Any thoughts on the disconnected lunar base camp idea?
  10. Okay okay okay, sorry for bothering everyone put I'm building like an international Mun base camp? Not connected buildings but a bunch of like smaller buildings with some of the new Breaking Ground Parts. I'm having a lot of trouble finding a way to land more than just two people on the moon without using one of the stock command modules. I REALLY to want use the three-man soyuz module and build something like this. However, every time I try, I never have enough fuel to get the craft back to Kerbin. Any suggestions? Also, does the base camp design of the base sound bad? I wanted to try someth
  11. Thank you so much for all of the work you've put into this mod. It has really helped me cultivate an interest in aerospace engineering and space. I love tinkering with stuff on KSP and I've learned a lot about both the history of Soviet/Russian space and what I can do with these nice parts. Just wanted to say this before you go on to other things. Thank you again.
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