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  1. So I was downloading Luna multiplayer mod on Mac, and it asks me to take a game data folder and put it into the KSP folder. When I do that, it asks me if I want to replace the file. I tried renaming the file but it doesn't work.
  2. It's just a part of my curiosity. I always wanted to know why I was put on Earth, and I wanted to see what other people thought the question's answer was.
  3. I was just asking what you guys thought it was.
  4. How is the meaning of life a stupid question? I find it influential.
  5. I like watching career mode videos, but I don't like how long they are. With this, I can just open it up and read it! It's also better because I like writing better than speech. Thanks.
  6. I would like parts for water. Maybe boat propellers and other parts that you can use in boats, or anything aquatic in general.
  7. What's the last thing you said to a person in person?
  8. When Kerbal Space Program 2 is released, will the original game still get major updates, or bug fixes? Just general attention to the original because I don't know if I will buy the second.
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