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  1. May be you can try to fix some bugs on the next update such as the space shuttle's fuselage(no engine).Well, it works well expect the kerbal sit inside the space shuttle is actually looking at the cargo bay...(really weird) and there is no cabin light on the space shuttle. And,like I said before. May be you can try to make some to parts to your mod since this version is bug fixing only, so you can some time on it. Oh and another suggestion. The Soyuz's engine RD108 or whatever(I don't remember)doesn't fix any size of the tank when I use the Soyuz stock like nova. The size of the engine need to be change a little.
  2. I'm now waiting trying to solve the fuel switch bug. And I'll try to solve problem when I have some time And I'm now preparing for my own final examination, I'm quiet busy this month, sorry.
  3. Have you ever thought that maybe some day you don't have time to maintain this mod? After so many years maybe you should try to contact with Squad see if they would like to take over your mod so that you don't have to maintain this mod all by yourself. It's just a suggestion. It doesn't mean anything else.

  4. I have a warning that the kopernicus can't work with the breaking ground expension! And this issue must be fixed immediately!
  5. I 'd like to run some test for your project but my English isn't so good that I may not be able to catch up with(understand) your meaning. I'll have some time in summer holidays and I will be happy if you contact me through E-mail.
  6. I believe there is no need to worry about those crafts files, they works fine——at least on my computer. May be you could open the game and run some test.
  7. I believe it'll be better if some new engines such as BE-4,Raptor Vulcan engine and Chinese's YF series engines are added into this mod since there is no other mod can simulate them in this kind of high quality. I also believe there are more people would like to use them in their own rocket.