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  1. Just a update Incase anyone cares: Still progressing in career mode, just unlocked the nuclear engine. But not really doing missions much, currently messing about with space stations, research centers, landings within kerbins system, including kerbin itself, trying to master a suicide burn onto kerbin to save money on the career mode. but yeah successfully have a space station orbiting kerbin, it isn’t doing much it’s more for show but it’s super cool. i find landings more difficult than rendezvous, I try not to use quicksave at all unless I’m getting very frustrated, if it’s a mission failed then it’s a mission failed, it only makes me want to get better at what I’m doing. Currently “mastered” (not really) landing on the Mun, now going into Minimus which I’ve heard is much easier due to the lack of gravity. but yeah! That’s where I am currently at if anyone was wondering, no I haven’t given up on the game yet, although I’ve had a lot of rage quits hahah, funny explaining to my mates that I rage at a space exploration game. Really enjoying my time with KSP though! Thank you for the kind comments everyone!
  2. Thanks! Took a lot of effort and grind though tbh but defo worth it. My next main mission is to have the first Kerbal stepping foot on the Mun and returning home safely!
  3. Wow the thrill Only started playing KSP a week ago and what a game so far, playing career mode. I ran out of scientists and 1 of them was stuck in orbit. The last couple days has been trial and error non stop and finally today i successfully brought him back home. What a night, sounds weird [snip] but this was one hell of a thrill catching him in space. Great game, thanks for listening to my experience