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  1. Without digging through all 25 pages of this thread, I'm having a slight issue with the Investor tour contract. I accepted it and did the guy for the casino for more challenge. That then gave me the casino contract, but another Investor tour contract popped up with two different Kerbals. So naturally I accepted it a second time and did the guy for the hotel, thinking I could do both, but when I went to pick him up after accepting, my vehicles start position on launch seemed to be inside the planet Kerbin. Kind of weird. I loaded a previous save and now I just have the valid casino contract, but I still have the second Investor tour waiting in mission control. Should this investor tour contract only persist until it is completed one time or is it supposed to be available a second time to be able to build both the casino and the hotel? Not sure what is going on. Thanks
  2. I've read through most of the 17 pages of comment here and I didn't see my issue so I'll ask about it here. I have a contract for science around KSC and two biomes, Mission Control and Crawlerway, require a surface materials exposure. I cannot seem to get these two to complete. I did make the assumption that they are asking for the materials science lab experiment. The wording perhaps hints at another type of experiment though. One thing I thought of was perhaps I had already grabbed these earlier without having a contract for them and that since I gain no science from repeating them that the contract cannot be satisfied. If it is indeed a different experiment from the materials lab, and I need to do a surface materials exposure, which part would I need for that? This is an awesome mod btw, love it. Thanks P.S. Did you remove the rescue missions from the vanilla game where we rescue various Kerbals stranded in orbit? I found those rather enjoyable along with picking up some free Kerbalnauts.
  3. I am having trouble landing planes in the water now after the Breaking Ground update. Since I had to create a new save file to get the spawns to occur, I went ahead and added a few mods. Before the mods and update I could easily land my planes in the water by flying over and then deploying chutes. I was landing with a vertical speed of -5 m/s. For some reason now under identical circumstances when I land, certain parts seem to explode and my cockpit goes shooting up into the air several hundred feet. I've had planes break apart before when landing on water, but nothing so violent as now. It seems the explosion might be coming from my Materials Lab. Is there a log somewhere that I can access to see the parts destroyed, possibly in the order they were destroyed so that I can further analyze my failed landings? I did have RealChutes installed, but removed it due to instability and lack of parachute control. Currently I think I just have mods that affect the visuals and sound (like Chatterer), but nothing which should affect the actual physics. Is it possible that it could be temperature related since after long flights the Wheezley engine is glowing hot and the rest of the craft is hot due to flying at Mach 1 for half an hour and contact with water is causing the destruction? I know that is a stretch, but at this point I'm just tossing out ideas. Thanks
  4. This may seem like a stupid question, but how do I create a new save so that these new surface features will appear. I did save my current game with a new name, closed out KSP and restarted it, but I still do not see any Mun stones. I also turned off surface scatter. Thanks P.S. Does starting a new save actually mean starting a new game from the beginning in career mode?