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  1. @Aelfhe1m so I have been wracking my brains out trying hundreds of science parts when the photometry data was acquired using the Vanguard-2 Probe Core? UuuGGHH. There should be a clue somewhere in the flavor text in Mission Control, or in the contract itself that hints at this. I'll try this tonight and strip off several other science parts from my Vanguard-2. I am wondering if this information is available in the VAB when I right click the Probe Core? I've noticed that many of the experiments that parts can do will not show up in VAB or SPH, but will only show up once launched. This should be changed. Again, one more way to give a clue as to which piece of equipment to use for the experiment. Thank you for pointing this out. I probably would have never thought to look at the Probe Core itself for running a science experiment.
  2. I am working on Vanguard-2 and cannot for the life of me figure out what to get the "Photometry Data" with. I've tried just about every item in my science kit. I have almost everything unlocked. [X!] Science says that experiment is available which means I have the necessary part unlocked, just not sure which one. None of the long descriptions have the experiment "Collect Photometry Data" listed in the long description. The context in mission says to measure the clouds. The Nimbus-EST says it measures the cloud cover, but I have run that many times and it is biome specific. The Photometry Data as listed in [X!] Science indicates it is a global experiment, not biome specific. I have tried the two most obvious ones, Pioneer 10 UV Photometer and Pioneer SUAE Atmospheric Experiment Package, but neither fulfil the contract or get the science done. Took forever to figure out that the Clementine Imaging Sensor Platform would satisfy the Radar Altimetry Data requirement; go figure. BTW, I do love these extra contracts and science experiments, don't get me wrong. I do agree with a previous poster that putting the specific item required in the contract, like it specifies the Vanguard-2 Probe Core for the Vanguard-2 mission, would help get around much of the ambiguity. Something like, "Use [science device] to collect Photometry Data and Transmit it back to KSC. Unfortunately it is not possible to figure this stuff out while in sandbox since the science system is disabled. P.S. I have run Pioneer-0, Pioneer-1, Pioneer-2 and Pioneer-3 all as per the requirements and have had no issues completing each of them. I am doing the History of Spaceflight contracts in chronological order as presented by the mod. P.P.S. I apparently did have this issue with Pioneer-1 as linked to by ndiver. Now I forgot how I got around it because I know I have done up to Pioneer-3 successfully. Maybe I just got the error message without any adverse effects on later missions?
  3. This is a massive pain for trying to get geosynchronous satellite networks in place. I had one which was all set up at 2863333 give or take a dozen or so and Period 5h 59m 9s. I needed to do a 2 minute phase shift so I set up a node on Ap to burn retro for a 5h 57m 9s period. when I came back after a number of hours to do the burn, I noticed that my satellite was midway between Ap and Pe, but still at the correct Altitude of 2863km. I did notice that my Ap had shifted up to 2873km and Pe was like 2816km. Its almost as if Kerbin was moving while my orbit was stationary in reference to some absolute point in space. The Ap was continually getting larger very slowly and the Pe was continually getting smaller very slowly. I also notice that my period was increasing by about1s per couple of minutes. I was indeed recording video, but not sure where to post it and link to it. Maybe I can put it on Imgur? Odd thing I noticed was I had a lot of lag, like the MET timer was almost constantly yellow for whatever reason. I know it has nothing to do with time warping because I have never used time warp in the game ever. I even tried shutting down the LV-909 Terrier thinking maybe it was leaking or something. I was just brainstorming. My satellite is quite small, just the Terrier, a parabolic fuel tank and the 100G Relay Antenna, and 4 of the simple retractable 1x6 solar panels. I put #2 up in the exact same way and didn't really notice any drifting and manage to get 120 Deg, 2863km, 5h 59m 9s period spot on. For some reason #3 is having these drifting issues. I first noticed this slight drifting in LKO, which I thought might have been some residual atmospheric drag since I was only at about 70.5km to 71km. I thought maybe they added a little tiny drag close to the cutoff of 70km. It didn't really matter since I am not in LKO for very long. These geosynchronous satellites need to hold position for a very long time since it is a bit of a pain to adjust and if you are trying to hit Ap or Pe while they are drifting it is near impossible. Edit: Ok, Imgur has a 60 second length on video so I cannot use that.
  4. Had a crash while recovering Pioneer-1 from the History of Spaceflight Contract Pack. It Told me to post this on here: Exception occured while saving ScenarioModule 'PersistentDataStore': System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at ContractConfigurator.PersistentDataStore.OutputValue (System.Object value, System.Type& type) [0x00000] in <ef0243a06f2841fe9bf57034a334902e>:0 at ContractConfigurator.PersistentDataStore.StoreToConfigNode (ConfigNode node, System.String key, System.Object value) [0x00002] in <ef0243a06f2841fe9bf57034a334902e>:0 at ContractConfigurator.PersistentDataStore.OnSave (ConfigNode node) [0x0003f] in <ef0243a06f2841fe9bf57034a334902e>:0 I am using the latest KSP 1.12.3.something. Just downloaded latest of mods about a month ago when I started playing again. Happened a second time with same message.
  5. Is this why my game load screen starts off saying it added 18783 definitions (or something, I don't remember what it called them)? Where would I find this master mod file to look at? I was able to peek into one of DMagic's mods and saw that there seemed to be a folder for each 'thing.' I am still trying to parse out what that thing is, whether it is a science part, or experiment. For instance, I printed out the Xray.cfg file. I see it looks like a Part module. It has the model pointer and scale factors and node_attach locations. A good chunk of info is the TechRequired= fieldScience (I assume that is the spot on the tech tree), entryCost (not sure about), cost seems to be the cost of the part in VAB or SPH. category=Science maybe this is placement in VAB/SPH parts list? subcategory=0 no sure about. title=XRD Surface Analyzer (I assume that this is the actual name of the part in the VAB/SPH). Manufacturer and Description are pretty obvious. attachrules? Standard Part Parameters are fairly obvious : mass, bulkheadProfiles, crashtolerance, maxTemp, emissiveConstant=0.85 (not sure about that, but maybe heat generated?), Thermalmassmodifier? There is a list of tags like: experiment, research, rerun, re-run, reus, re-us, redo, re-do, reset, re-set, science, dmagic, dmos, asteroid, xray, chemin. Not sure what all those are about. 4 drag parameters. Now comes some stuff less understandable by me. There are 4 MODULEs. The first definition just has name=ModuleBiomeScanner. Next is name=ModuleAsteroidAnalysis. Then name=ModuleAnalysisResource and resourceName=Ore. The last MODULE is a longer definition of name=DMXRayDiffract. Do these tell which experiments or contract types that use this module? The DMXRayDiffract MODULE has drill length, animation name, animation parameters, some event parameters, a customFailMessage. Then experimentID=dmXRayDiffract (not sure about), experimentActionName= Collect X-Ray Data (This is probably the one to show up in [x] Science! and the actual contracts telling what to do. Then some stuff on Staging, ActionGroups, hideUIwhenunavailable, rerunnable. xmitDataScalar might be the percent for transmitting the data from the experiment? 1.0 would be 100% probably. dataIsCollectible, collectActionName, interactionRange, externalDeploy, and usageReqMaskExternal (somewhat understand these.) asteroidReports ans asteroisType Dependent are fairly straightforward. Finally there is what appears to be a RESOURCE sections that defines name=ElectricCharge and rate=10. I assume this means it is consuming your Electrical Power (the resource) at a rate of 10/sec while running? What I didn't see in here that I expected to see (and what most interests me about my problems) are the definitions about how much total science is available and whether it takes multiple samples and if it uses some standard formula for diminishing returns on the repeated samples. It would seem that the tags section which has stuff about rerun, redo, etc. would indicate that maybe it needs multiple samples to get to 100%. I'll have to dig around to find the N-00K Nuclear Package and see why it is coming up as geiger counter. Any other enlightenment is appreciated. @linuxgurugamer Were you able to access my pics and player.log file? Thanks
  6. Where is it in the mod? Is there a config file or something? Can I view it with notepad or any text editor? Thank You
  7. I am experiencing a couple of different minor issues. First off is I have two Geiger Counter experiments listed in every biome on Kerbin. They use different modules to complete. The first one in the list is Actually taken using the N-00K Nuclear Package which lists the experiment as 'Collect Radiation Emulsions.' I am running several mods which add parts and contracts including DMagic Orbital Science, Rovers & Probes and SCANSat. I'm not sure which mod that the N-00K comes from or how X Science reads the experiments from the data files, but it would be nice if they were differentiated somehow. I have run a couple of contracts requiring a Geiger Counter experiment in orbit only to find out that the standard Geiger Counter does not work, and I have to relaunch with the Nuclear Package. I will work on posting pics, I do not have an online place to put them at the moment. https://imgur.com/5eBatZU https://imgur.com/JeM0xs2 https://imgur.com/k1AiVVS The other problem was mentioned a bit earlier in the thread about certain experiments not being fully completed. I have two that are doing it currently. The biological experiments one using the OFO Space Adaptation Experiment gives me 2.3/4.5 science when I run it. It would seem that multiple runs are necessary, maybe 3 or 4, however, it will not give me any more science for running it with another OFO Space Adaptation Experiment. The points already gathered show up blue (the 2.3) and the second run finishes the bar in green, but when I return to KSC, I get nothing, even though my report says I have gathered like 15 data. I cannot get it to give anymore science no matter how many times I run the experiment. Is it possible that I need to use a different device that does some other kind of Biological Experiment? I have never experienced the necessity of using multiple different pieces of equipment to get all the science from a particular experiment, it is always just a matter of running the same device repeatedly. The other device which is doing the same thing is the Cosmic Ray Data using the Pioneer 10 Cosmic Ray Telescope. I get a full green bar when I actually run the experiment, but I only actually get 1.6/1.8 science and can never get more no matter how many times I run it. Is it possible that the data file that is reading these experiments info from has incorrect totals science amounts in them? I honestly do not know how that data files for science and such are configured. https://imgur.com/mQtvifz https://imgur.com/1OY8UMs https://imgur.com/xKrvCQn https://imgur.com/j2niWyz https://imgur.com/iLVQtGb I could post log files or other things, but not sure where to find/generate them. Please explain where I can find the log files you need, if you indeed do need them, and I can try to get them and update this post. I will also try and update with pics once I get them uploaded somewhere. I am currently at work and they have our computers locked down pretty tight as far as what websites we can access. I cannot even access DropBox from here. I think you can access the pics now. Thank you for the mod too Player.log (file://DESKTOP-KLTO40L/Users/r3_14/OneDrive/Player.log)
  8. I'm not sure where to ask this question, but here seems like a likely choice. I have a contract to put Bob in orbit above mountains and get 'orbit mapping data.' I'm not sure what kind of data they mean. which instrument is needed? I tried the telescope, the S700 Scanner, the DMagic Multi Spectral Scanner, but none of them are able to give me the proper data. I have been in equatorial orbit each time. Do I need to be in polar orbit for this to work? The contract does not specify which science instrument is needed on the ship like many other contracts. Thanks. Alternatively, is there a .cfg file somewhere which might contain information on the contract and what instrument is needed that I might peek into?
  9. Is there any way to tell which device to use for a particular activity? I have a contract for "Biological Experiments" but have no idea what I am supposed to use. Similarly, what do I use to take UV Light photographs or IR Light photographs? It seems most cameras only work in orbit.
  10. Thank you very much. Not sure why that didn't pop up in my searches. Thanks again!
  11. I know this is an old thread, but is this going to be updated for 1.12 or is this a dead horse? Thank You
  12. I'm not a modder and have no idea how to implement it, but is seems that this is still replacing the stock EVE files with the Asclepius cloud files. Is there a way that you can specify to EVE that the Asclepius cloud file needs to only be used on that planet? Would love to add this to my universe, but it breaks EVE. I am using the latest EVE from CKAN and KSP 12.3.1. I don't think it interferes with scatterer, at least not on my setup. Thank you very much for the mod though.
  13. What exactly is surface terminal velocity? Working this statement backwards: vt=4gH/dv = 4(9.81)(70,000)/1832 = 1500. I have not been able to match up the 1500 m/s with any data about Kerbin. I've been able to get all other values for dv except for the atmospheric drag portion here. Without atmosphere, Kerbin would have dv of 2398 m/s to 80km circular orbit. Per all of the charts and diagrams the actual value is 3400 m/s so I am missing about 1000 m/s of dv according to the charts. Lastly, I have been unable to find the above equation in any of the documentation thus far and so I am wondering where the dv=4gH/vt equation comes from. Sorry for reviving an old thread.
  14. This is a fantastic mod!! Just a quick question. I have many nodes empty. I'm wondering if the list of "Included but untested for 1.8" are things that I need to download to fill it out more, or if the empty nodes are awaiting your development. I'm not sure if I need to download the list of mods or just wait patiently. Thanks
  15. What kind of config file is needed? I've had this installed before and it worked just fine. Not sure why it isn't working this time. I just put the stuff in game data folder as before. Not sure how to debug. I do have Outer Planets, Kopernicus, and Realistic Atmospheres installed if one of those might be interfering. I'm on if that helps at all. Windows x64.
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