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  1. This is a fantastic mod!! Just a quick question. I have many nodes empty. I'm wondering if the list of "Included but untested for 1.8" are things that I need to download to fill it out more, or if the empty nodes are awaiting your development. I'm not sure if I need to download the list of mods or just wait patiently. Thanks
  2. What kind of config file is needed? I've had this installed before and it worked just fine. Not sure why it isn't working this time. I just put the stuff in game data folder as before. Not sure how to debug. I do have Outer Planets, Kopernicus, and Realistic Atmospheres installed if one of those might be interfering. I'm on if that helps at all. Windows x64.
  3. The "dot" might be the dot product, or vector projection of velocity direction and link projection. This makes sense if they are talking about direction and those two quantities would no doubt be vectors. Edit: Sorry for duplicate response, didn't see earlier similar response.
  4. I know this is an old thread, but in high Munar orbit, it seems every escape puts me in a higher orbit than the Mun. I'm talking about orbits which are near escape like 2.2Mm. At this altitude the orbital period of the Mun is over 4 days while the Mun orbits Kerbin in about 6.5 days. It seems to me like every time I set a node on the front side of the Mun, in prograde direction, by time my ship actually gets there the Mun has orbited around Kerbin sufficiently such that I am still behind the Mun and my ejection is prograde throwing me into a higher Kerbin orbit. Its almost like I'm trapped in Munar orbit without slowing down and doing a slingshot, which seems to be wasting fuel. It' kind of frustrating. In theory I should just have to wait a month or so until me ship is actually on the prograde side of the Mun and do a burn relatively soon thereafter without giving Mun the chance to move with respect to Kerbin.
  5. They are trying to simulate the natural progression from flight to spaceflight and thus you should start with a simple airplane.
  6. Is there somewhere that keeps a list of what mods will fill in which nodes on the tree? If not, can someone make one. I like having all of the extra tech, but sifting through the thousands of mods to find which ones fill which nodes to quite daunting. For example, I looked at my Hydroponics node and the only thing in it was a heat shield. Seems odd to me that a heat shield would have anything to do with Hydroponics. Thanks
  7. Is there a way to for groups in the tracking station for different asteroids? For example, what I am wanting to do is to track all asteroids, but I only want the ones with Kerbin intercepts within about 5 days to be visible so that I can capture or explore them. If I just remove the ones that have intercepts out at like 200 days, they will wander away if I just stop tracking them. Another question/feature would be to have the ability to split the asteroid group into classes. For instance, I have a mission to capture a previously unmolested Class A asteroid. I would like to filter such that only Class A asteroids are visible, but all the others that I am tracking can be toggled off like satellites or rovers or whatnot. Thanks P.S. I am currently tracking 121 asteroids. This filtering would be very much appreciated. P.P.S. A somewhat related problem I am having is timing launches to minimize my AN. It would be excellent to have some sort of timer counting down to let you know when KSC (or another launch site) is coplanar with the asteroids orbit, much like you do when trying to intercept. My method thus far has been to maneuver my screen to get the Mun orbit lines collinear and the asteroid orbit lines collinear. This approximates the fact that KSC lies on the equator and that the Mun's orbit is coplanar with the Kerbin equator. Having lined up the Mun orbit lines and the asteroid orbit lines in such a way, it is a matter of waiting until KSC is at the virtual intesection of these two pairs of collinear lines. It just simple geometry. However, many times it is difficult to get this timing correct since the view distance to get both pairs of collinear lines on the screen puts the camera view very far from KSC and the crosshairs. It would be nice to have a timer of some sort to be able to time this intersection event and then up to the pilot to get the correct launch angle to get a starting orbit which is pretty close to coplanar with the asteroid orbit. Needless to say, this ultimately maximizes the dV available to manipulate the asteroid since very little dV is wasted on large AN orbital adjustments. Sorry for the longwindedness.
  8. I found the Green Sandstone very easily in the Lowlands at 4.3495 S x 135.0562 W. Currently landed at Highlands at 68.0310 S 93.9371 E looking for Olivine formations to scan with my small rover arm. P.S. Finally found a large formation at 3.1 km and another off in the distance probably 3-5 more km.
  9. I have a very intense computer that can handle whatever I throw at it.
  10. Yes, I meant will I need to start a new save file to have the engine lights take effect?
  11. Will that mod install without me having to restart my game?
  12. I have come across perhaps the most frustrating non-thing in Kerbal. I am trying to land on the North Pole of Mun and aside from the only locations actually labeled "Polar" instead of "Polar Lowlands" are the deep ravines. OK, so I need to land in a friggin ravine, but why do the rocket engines not illuminate the ground AT ALL? Is this purposefully to make it impossible to land on the "Poles" of Mun? What gives with no illumination from rocket engines? had anyone at KSP development ever watched a real rocket engine fire and see how it illuminates like a few square miles? This is my first powered landing in darkness and I never expected there to be no light from the engines.
  13. https://imgur.com/7uaTT0t This is the exact same contract except it is for Kerbin recon instead of Mun. It is already in correct stable orbit. No box. I will try to grab a pic of a satellite with the other color box and note the parameters of the mission.
  14. I am using DMagic I think. This is a satellite with the Little Brother Surveillance Camera on it to go into a specified Munar polar orbit for 35 days I think. Long term reconnaissance survey of Mun. I'm not sure why it is red though, unless maybe it turns green or blue once the specified orbit is achieved? This isn't part of the Tourism Plus pack I don't think, but I do have that one installed too.
  15. https://imgur.com/a/wJH9rIK Probably need to zoom to see it. Usually it is blue I think but this time its red. I don't think it has to do with KerbalNet or CommLink. Could it maybe signify whether the satellite is in a stable orbit or not? This particular satellite is on its way to Mun but I have not done the insertion burn yet and therefore it is on a slingshot to nowhere. I'll check it again to see if the color changes once I burn to stable Munar orbit.