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  1. Hey guys I am going to head offline for the next two weeks to separate myself from the social life. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to score for that time. Feel free to score yourself and exclude the atheistic points for now Thanks for understanding
  2. My first attempt was way to expensive. And my second attempt required 5000 M/S of delta V to reach the comet
  3. I feel you. I live in a valley with mountains all over. I hope to find a flat spot for tomorrow
  4. No problemo don't worry about this challenge if you have RL situations THEY GO TO I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The H was ginormous enough! First time for everything I guess. I did my first a few months ago. And I did my first Comet mission/Xenon heavy spacecraft last week though it took me two attempts.
  5. C/2020 F3 OR Comet Neowise has passed it's lowest point in solar orbit. And for the rest of July it will be visible. Now the hard part, to find it. I made this post here for discussion about your observations of Comet Neowise. If you have any to share. I do, my first run this morning went from 4AM to Now and I had no luck due to clouds. But hopefully tomorrow How about you guys. Have been successful? Or did the clouds or sleep get ya? Or are you guys southern hemisphere? If you are new to Comet Neowise. In the northern hempmisphere, comet neowise will be visible for most of July but it's best to see around this time. You can find some stuff about it here If you want to track it via a website here is the place to go If you do encounter it send a pic over here to the forums. I think we would all love to see it!
  6. I saw one that had a low periapsis and had a really high apoapsis and it was in polar orbit of the sun. So that might be one.
  7. IDK what counts as interstellar yet. I heard from @UomoCapra that some will pass through interstellar space but I still not quite know what that counts as. I thought it would be something that has no apoapsis in the tracking station. I will find out and update I mean I have been up really early in the morning for the past three hours trying to find Comet Neowise
  8. Someone made a good point in my little lander challenge. What would an Interstellar comet look like in tracking station? Would we not see the full orbit or is it just in a very high orbit?
  9. There will also be an all supplier patch. Meaning that you participated in all three rounds @EveMaster and @Space Nerd can qualify for getting the all supplier patch if they do round 3 I am telling this because the patch will be great (especially if you @Space Nerd do flagship for this round.) It will include all three of your spacecraft, all the destinations on a list, AND your favorite color
  10. So if I am correct you had 3 spacecraft so far. Flagship patches will be developed at the end of the challenge so that I can list all the destinations that you visited. Good job @BallistX