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    We need more stock planets!

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    Fine it's actually on earth. Yeah well you guys now know. So y'know, that's my location...
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    I do Youtube for fun
    I want to be a major part of exploring the solar system later in life
    And I also write story ideas most of which end up in the garbage can

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  1. Maybe it should be monthly, and have like a big video at every month with a show and tell of what each person wants to show. Kinda like a snapshot.
  2. Another year around the sun. Wow guys thank you for all the support thru the past year. 

    As a treat, I will be streaming later today on March 8th. Building Starship in Minecraft. Link will be here once I have it ready to go:


  3. If there was a Dres to move to gilly in first place. Dres doesn't exist
  4. Hmm, looks good, hopefully stock engines run and look as good as @Knight of St John's stock waterfall The music as well, amazing nice job!
  5. Why hello there, my name is The_Doodling_text.png...


    Do you guys like it in my signature? Or do you think it's ugly... 

  6. My dude you make good ships, can you send a few to Ike for defense?
  7. I wonder whats happening today @GuessingEveryDay?
  8. Fact: Oversimplified is da best (nice profile pic)
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