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  1. What do you mean by recreating it? Do you want us to have Surveyor 3's spacecraft in it as well?
  2. Ike Lander episode is not doing so well, was there anything wrong about it?
  3. PLUS I looked more into it and there were no sources as well. But I do agree this is just Company Click-bait. But if it is true I am ready for it, I know (After programming myself,) things take a while. And besides, better late than never.
  4. Ike Lander (Things go wrong really fast, again) A sequel to the little Duna mission
  5. if you guys enjoyed this video found out why it took forever to upload HINT:
  6. If you guys enjoyed this video found out why it took forever to upload HINT:
  7. The Duna replacement video is LIVE Sorry for the long wait I got busy this week and that's why I was frustrated that I had to get the video off because I didn't want to worry about Copyright issues -Doodle
  8. For some reason a video had a copyright claim that according to Microsoft wouldn't have one because they said it was "Loyalty Free," So this video will be reedited with a copyright free video. Thank you for your understanding. -Doodle
  9. Guess someone already beated it too me
  10. Duna Lander with crew A sequel to Mun and Minmus P.S. There is a second episode available on the channel and website!
  11. I'm gonna attempting to make a video before I leave tomorrow