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  1. I see that the forum has gone some changes since the first one. Thanks for listening to us, I think the font size, square profile pics, and the right proportions of signatures are making this change more comfortable
  2. Hey y'all the challenge is done. Thank you all for doing this challenge. Here is the patch for you Who can use this patch: @EveMaster, @AHHans, @mystifeid, @aspacecephalopod, @QF9E, @Space Nerd, @Laie, @vyznev, @GRS, @Dirkidirk, @BallistX, and @camacju. Thank you all for participating here is a hint of what I am gonna do next: Submarines and Droneships TEASER
  3. well if you want to do it before Halloween just tell me or else I will close LLC tonight and release the final patch
  4. Everything does feel uncomfortable font size wise
  5. I'm working on Patch final. So I think I saw @BallistX and @GRS hint at participating. Is that still happening?
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