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  1. I have a breakdown as always available on website
  2. @ShadowZone found some things even I missed in his rundown. As he was focusing more on features when I was focusing on details in background or other stuff like that. It is an amazing video and is even better than my rundown:
  3. I think what he is meaning is it seems to be a little bit out of this world concept that doesn't seem to be near future... IDK I can't read minds...
  4. Are you curious what's new in this video? Here is a full breakdown. For the sake of how large a post it would be, it's on my website. New planets: Purple planet? Maybe Eve? Red Planet with Ike looking Moon? Probably Not Duna because of no weird poles and distance from star. Minmus looking planet that has mountainous geography and some craters. I would love to be debunked on some of them
  5. Breakdown!!!
  6. What's the fun if you don't get to add more boosters? But a lot of people visit the Dres Canyon and even I visited it already. Heck, even @Matt Lowne went there in 1.9. No one has been to the Mohole recently. Isn't the kraken a problem in the mohole only if you have a large structure or is it always a problem? Oh and it's also important to note that I will head to both but I am curious what should be first stop. Dres Canyon seems to be reasonable but I mean, Mohole sounds fun.
  7. I am really curious to see where would you prefer to go first? Thanks for any feedback as well if you have any. Oh, these will be crewed missions!
  8. No I have not, can you do that mid-flight? It doesn't also seem to be a problem on other celestial bodies either. This also by far not the heaviest lander I used those landing legs for.
  9. EDIT: Oh here is the video if you want to see a clip of the problem to get a better understanding. Start playing at 4:54
  10. Moho: I'm sure a small planet Lander: Then there should be no problem with the landing legs Landing Legs: Umm... So today I landed on Moho for my YouTube video (YAY!) But I encountered a problem where when I land the landing legs just seem to not stay up. Of course images of the situation on the bottom but if you know how to fix it or if it's just a bug please reply. I also had this problem in other videos... Expectation: Reality:
  11. This will probably be the last music video I produce. Copyright claims are too annoying to deal with...
  12. Tomorrow: Feel free to have this Ike Poster. Get ready for the video tomorrow