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  1. All images and videos on link
  2. Three hours later... I am processing the video!!!!!!!!! Probably coming out late tonight. I might upload Eve Ascent RN but I don't want to upload on youtube and export the video at the same time. I also am doing a live commentary for this video so again expecting video coming out LATE tonight... .... I am soooooo excited to show my first eve crew mission While I am at it I need some decisions for thumbnail:
  3. Deep breath... Let's do this Eve landing! So far 15-ish attempts and over 2 hours of attempting so far...
  4. You know Jurassic world should be renamed to Jurassic Park 2: Electric Boogaloo
  5. Well I can't see what you sent so I will go off the link name (since it has alligator:)
  6. Poll on Round 4 (and 5):
  7. I've been living with a frustration of the 10 meter fairing: It's obviously the only heat shield able to cover your whole Eve lander and it always get's in the way whenever trying to ditch it. I would ask for a new tier. One that can actually retract so when you're done with it you can ditch it. I also think the game would easily accept large side parachutes. Parachutes I don't know the size of Curiosities. So I am suggesting; Larger sized parachutes advance 10m inflatable heatshields able to retract
  8. I fixed the problem. Now landing... oh boy. I got THIS close today but nope at touchdown the thing tipped over. It took 5 minutes for each attempt and since I can't timewarp or I get kraken latest took 25 minutes. I am so frustrated right now I am quitting for the night.
  9. Asking anyone out there but has anyone had the parts suddenly no exist out of nowhere in your game. Like one quicksave later they're all gone?
  10. Livestream the first reaction of all the planets and moons.
  11. Update: I have checked the files and they seem fine... EDIT: 3 hours later... yepp... looks like I might be alone about this... Time to get technical...
  12. I was trying to get the landing spot just right for Eve crew mission. I kept missing and missing the target and the last attempt I tried detaching some parts that led to collision meaning I would have to readjust the orbit. This was the third time and it seemed fine every time I tweaked the manuever a little bit. But when I quickloaded what took 5 seconds became over 2 minutes of loading screen. I press Esc button and find no craft or no manuever node. I tried again and again with similar results. I then stopped KSP shut down the computer (which after rebooting seemed fine.) Restarted and got TONS of errors on the side (usually I only get one and that says Steam not connected usually meaning that my gameplay is not recorded on Steam). Most of them saying. Part doesn't exist I try loading up the save with this: I have spent over the past 2 weeks on this mission so I will do whatever it takes to save it... I also have more video file just in case if you need more of leading up to the event
  13. Well I know what I want to do next. Looks like I am going to be doing A comet base. The inspiration actually comes from Star Wars Spaudrons. Specifically this map Of course I would want to redirect it into a more stable easier to approach orbit... I first have to choose a comet size but first Eve Crew mission
  14. LOW EVE ORBIT Now to get the hardest part of the mission done: Landing the Eve Lander will take a few tries (hopefully not more than 4) On leaving we witnessed an I class interstellar comet passing by so of course Jeb wanted to take a look Of course through history comets usually mean bad luck so when trying to record this I found it funny the game crashed...
  15. In orbit of Kerbin. Trying to find the cheapest way to Eve. Might have to do an aerocapture...
  16. My best guess is that they still haven’t found the solution. Some big bugs take a while to fix. Maybe you can direct them a solution or find the cause of the bug. Or like what I do, find a way around it. For example I encountered a bug yesterday that made construction of the rocket harder. What I did was just adjust where I was placing parts (since the bug was when hovering over the fairing the rocket boosters move with it)
  17. Oh YEAH The moment has arrived: Eve Mission is a go! I won't start the mission tomorrow because I am VERY VERY busy with RL stuff. But afterwords I will begin my hours of flight time Friday, I will begin the HECK OF QUICKSAVES!