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  1. Sounds like you've either installed only the AVP textures and forgot to install the main mod files or you don't have file extensions enabled in the explorer so you can't see ".cfg" at the end of the filename. Unless you have an old version of it or just messed up the installation or something.
  2. There should be no conflict between AVP and SVT. SVT won't work in 1.9 though since Kopernicus ain't updated
  3. You have to go into this file: "GameData\AstronomersVisualPack\AVP_Skybox\Astronomers_Skybox.cfg" and on line 9 change "skybox" to "Skybox" with an uppercase S.
  4. Go to Kerbal Space Program\GameData\AstronomersVisualPack\EVE\Stock and delete the file citylights.cfg
  5. So what visual mods would you like to install? Tell me and I can help you. If you don't know here are a few visual packs to choose between: - Stock Visual Enhancements - Astronomer's Visual Pack - Spectra Visual Compilation In my opinion Astronomer's Visual Pack looks the best but it's also harder for your PC to run (lower FPS) so I don't recommend it if you have a weak computer. Spectra and SVE gives you more FPS in-game. You can pair these visual packs together with other mods like DistantObjectEnhancement, PlanetShine, ReStock, RealPlume, skyboxes and sunflares. So
  6. Oh ok makes sense now. I thought of both the surface and orbital textures as one thing because KSPRC comes with both of them. Good it's working as intended Thanks for the help But for some reason when using the full KSPRC config instead of the Spectra version the Kerbal Space Center was very bright and vibrant. With Spectra it looks quite a bit darker. If Spectra uses KSPRC surface textures why is that? Did you change anything specific about the KSC in the config? Not really a problem, just curious
  7. But are you sure everything is working right? Because I just installed the original KSPRC folder together with Spectra, removed the Spectra terrain config and removed everything that is not terrain from KSPRC. It really looks like KSPRC is not working AT ALL in Spectra screenshots nor in my install without separately downloading KSPRC. Look at my results in the screenshots (Spectra + KSPRC): https://imgur.com/a/Luw59El Compare it to the official Spectra screenshots or Spectra in game. It's very good that you fixed the tiling problems even though I don't really understand exactly
  8. Yeah, I compared the Spectra planet texture config to the KSPRC one and Spectra does use KSPRC planet texture but the config doesn't look the same. I'm not experienced enough with Kopernicus stuff to figure out what difference it makes though.
  9. The planets look way more detailed in the original KSPRC. When used with AVP you only use the terrain and planet textures. It will give you the "Sorlon" celestial body but you can easily remove it from the KSPRC.cfg file.
  10. My Minmus looks like the one in the screenshots but when I installed KSPRC from the original download together with AVP it looked way more crisp. I'm 99% sure it's because of KSPRC and not AVP.
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