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  1. Not exactly they have a possiblity of existing/workimng.
  2. I made sure to fill it with ore and I dont use mods
  3. I made it to the mun im confused how to get to another planet thou.
  4. They should add some sort of wormhole jump gate or a allcubire warp drive it would be very cool to go ftl.
  5. I understand your supposed to use ore tanks but no matter how many tanks I put it wont sink below 1 meter.
  6. that mod looks cool but I am staying on newest version
  7. Can you add some sort of container that you can let in water or release water allowing subs to be made.
  8. Hi friend that found my account. how do I get more dv
  9. using most of my fuel on burns is what I have trouble with.
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