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  1. Hallo zusammen! Nach etwas mehr als 1.200 Stunden KSP habe ich meinen ersten eigenen YouTube-Kanal mit einem Tutorial zum Karrieremodus gestartet. Vielleicht findet der eine oder andere Neueinsteiger darin ein paar nützliche Infos. Aktuell gibt es immer mittwochs und samstags um Mitternacht eine neue Folge. Schaut gerne mal vorbei: Shmauck‘s YouTube Kanal für KSP auf deutsch Liebe Grüße
  2. Yesterday I fired up KSP for the first time since December. I had gotten very frustrated about the rotating base thing but I wanted to give the 1.9 version another try. The result is that my base is still rotating. I may be able to provide visual reference later today. I tried the following in version 1.9 yesterday: I reloaded a save in which my Minmus ISRU is standing still on Minmus surface. I have described the construction and deployment of the ISRU vehicle in depth in this post. I can see a bit of a motion in the vehicle after the usual loading jumps but the craft is not r
  3. I feel I need help with this. For some reason my Minmus mining base is rotating since I upgraded to KSP 1.8. It used to be stable while deployed on Minmus. Ever since I landed it, it stood rock solid with the solar panels facing north and south to collect all the sunlight. Now it rotates. After I expanded the base by an additional module, it rotates by one degree every 4 seconds! I tried fiddling with the landing struts damper settings, resetting them to auto, hibernating the probe core, removing the engineer from the lander can, activating RCS, nothing worked. The base rotates. Was corio
  4. Yeah, I would want it to be much like Minecraft. I always wanted to have a common KSP where I can play with my sons who live at their mother's place.
  5. Looking at the specific question, I read it as "will there be a Linux version as well as the already announced Mac and Windows versions". As I am not running any windows systems I would definitely require a Mac version as well.
  6. Dawning part one (Y3 D002) "MCV Dawn, you are go for launch." Wenbrecht Kerman relaxed his muscles willingly. He felt very tense in his excitement and he repeatedly found himself grabbing his armrests much tighter than necessary. "Roger, ground, I confirm go for launch." "T minus ten, nine, eight, ..." The only thing Wenbrecht saw outside the cockpit canopy of his Mk1 inline cockpit was the inside of a huge payload fairing. His tiny manned construction vehicle was mounted on top of a long thin structure called the Dawn fuel core and both parts were stowed in the protective
  7. Mine is here: The Duna orbiter (Y1 D157) Up until today it remains the only interplanetary mission I ever did. Poor Jeb is still circling Duna, together with scientists Meldon and Orburry. My career is currently at Y3 D085 and I will bring the three back to Kerbin during the next Duna-Kerbin transfer window. Also, I will launch a whole bunch of Duna missions during the Kerbin-Duna window later this year. I had a hard time creating a proper Duna encounter on this first trip and ended up with much less fuel due to endless course corrections on my way there. Overengineered as the craft
  8. New Year (Y3 D001) “Welcome, my fellow space enthusiasts.” Administrator Shmauck’s voice filled the large void inside the VAB, amplified by speakers mounted on the first floor of the assembly structure. The entire staff of SSC was seated in long rows of chairs on the VAB floor, facing away from the giant main gate. Shmauck stood at a sleek desk in the middle of the first floor and smiled down at the crowd. Below him, a large banner had been attached to the platform which read “Happy New 3rd Year” in big letters. “Behind you on the launch pad is our first flight of the year. It marks
  9. I just love the comic strip way of telling your story!
  10. Fireworks (Y2 D420-Y3 D001) “Ground, Kerlumbia, we are in range. The mystery is solved. This piece of debris looks like a structural fuselage adapter.” The response came immediately. “Roger, Kerlumbia, we copy. Object HR8-Q9 is a fuselage adapter.” “We’ll move a bit closer before we release the claw tug.” Benten nodded in Kirwells direction. The copilot activated the shuttle’s RCS and grabbed his control stick to slowly move the ship towards the floating piece of equipment. Benten looked out the main cockpit window. “I have a bad feeling about this. It’s quite big. I wonder if i
  11. Rendezvous (Y2 D408-D417) “Aren’t you Wolfheim?” The engineer turned his head to the woman behind him in the queue. Being approached by females always startled him. While he generally felt secure when being an engineer talking to colleagues or superiors he kept feeling somewhat insecure and uncomfortable with strangers in a more personal context. He blushed. “Oh, yes, I am.” She smiled. “Hi, I am Xandra, from mission control. I helped launching your new tanker.” Wolfheim avoided to look her straight into the eyes but couldn’t suppress a shy smile. “Well, thank you.” “
  12. Here: https://speyer.technik-museum.de/en/ The Technikmuseum Speyer about one hour south of Frankfurt, Germany has the OK-2M / OK-GLI prototype of the Buran orbiter which was used for atmospheric flight tests.
  13. I am going to see Charlie M. Duke today, under the Buran.
  14. Great and huge thanks to all of you! My career is only in its beginnings and I don‘t have so many bases yet, nor have I visited any bodies other than Mun and Minmus yet. That‘s why I tend to just activate it and see. I certainly could do some things different (and better) in a new career but I am doing these mission reports here in the forum and would just like to continue from where I am. I wonder if that integer is a kind of seed that leads to surface objects spawning in same locations whenever the same seed is used.
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