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  1. K and Its not 30000km its 30000m
  2. Put it around Pol at around 30000km
  3. The asteroid has a mass of 2328 t
  4. This is going to be easy last month I put an E class into kerbin orbit while messing around on 1.3.1 sandbox. Ill just use a craft an take it to Tylo I lost the C class
  5. @KingDominoIII can I use tweakscale
  6. This is kind of funny but when an asteroid entered kerbin's SOI it got an encounter with the mun.
  7. Mind if I do this in ksp 1.3.1 Cause in my 1.3.1 save i have a sattelite with the Sentinel that is in between Jool and Dres (due to a failed mission to jool). Also you could go in with the rocket engines taking the heat of the atmo Or build a giant block around the asteroid covered with heat shields
  8. Mine is going to be in version 1.2.2 EDIT: Actually 1.3.1 (hopefully) because 1.6.1 I cant get it to spin enough
  9. How do I build one Also can I use cockpits from mods
  10. So @panzerknoef I am replacing the DV-7 and the DR-5 with the Tiger 5 and the Benatard Fighter
  11. @Pds314 you can only use the engines I mentioned. Can be reusable or expendible.