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  1. @herbal space program that certainly is an interesting wing design
  2. I hope they have some early-access program, I would so do that!
  3. I cannot make an SSTO for the life of me, but i can make rockets. The goal of this mission is to make partially and fully reusable rockets, and I have already ended up making something I have rarely seen before. I present to you, The Artemis 1. https://imgur.com/a/dPCXfbm 66 parts, 391.79 tonnes, 31.6 meters high. can take 45-50 tonnes to LKO (haven't been able to test it too thoroughly). 123,124 funds in VAB, with around 76,600 funds recoverable (depending on pilot skills and payload), making launch cost around 46,524 funds. Most of these numbers are averages, I have only tested this thing twice which is why there aren't more pictures. If anyone is interested, I'll test it more, take more pictures, and post craft file. So, anyone interested?
  4. Sorry I haven’t been able to get back to you, I have been on a vacation and haven’t had much WiFi access. Now to answer your question: Flight attendant means someone who is not a passenger, nor someone who flies the plane. They can be any type of kerbal, with the exception of tourist. They can be a pilot, but can’t be flying. You can use in-game company names and flags or make up your own if you want. 2-6 passengers means 2-6 kerbals that do not take part in the flight (not an attendant or pilot). Pilots with the addition of probe cores are allowed, but not solely probe cores. I only made this rule for realism, as some people would not be okay with a self-driving car with no human to keep it on the road if things go wonky. Mun Hopper and Dirtblood look pretty good and functional too, though I haven’t really been able to take a good thorough look at them through in-packing. I will soon!
  5. Excellent work, these look awesome! It comes with quite a price tag, though.
  6. Thanks, can’t believe I haven’t seen this before!
  7. Hi everyone! I started a new save about a month ago where I aim to land on every celestial body and plant a flag there. I’m up to Dres, but I can’t get an encounter without spending all of my fuel. Does anyone have tips on when and how to transfer to Dres? Thanks in advance!
  8. I’m currently working on a Space Hotel in 130km Kerbin orbit. It is still FAR from completion, but I might post a few progress updates here.
  9. You could crash it, and get science with the thermometers in Duna’s different levels of atmosphere if you haven’t already. The tricky part is the transmit it quick enough and make sure you have connection to the KSC.
  10. https://imgur.com/a/FjhiJmx Sometimes, people need to read something to understand.
  11. Can you make amphibious assault vehicles (work on land and water) and is BDArmiry required?