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  1. Planes may be cool. Rockets may be cooler. But both are overshadowed by the undisputable best method of travel: cars! In this challenge you must create a car and then put it through a series of tests and challenges to determine if yours is the best. There are a few different tests that you can pick and choose from, and some standards that your car must meet. Your car must have at lest one kerbal in either a command pod or an external command seat Your car must be powered by wheels and nothing else (no jets, rockets, etc.) Your car must complete whichever test you put it
  2. @peridoot I have EVE, Scatterer, and KER installed for visuals and information. The chair is sitting on 3 rotated and offset stock fuel cells, which provide 4.5 electric charge for the propellers, which consume 3.2 electric charge. The craft is entirely stock, as said in the vid's description.
  3. All you kids with your new-fangled "SRBs" and your fancy "jet engines ", back in my day we had to use propellers if we wanted to fly! 5,370 funds, 799kg with Pables Kerman on board and 705kg without her. 6.804 cubic meters (dimensions are shown in the video) and made with 22 of the finest parts. Its rather large compared to the other planes here, but its also powered by eight pieces of metal spinning at 460 RPM. I'm also positive that I can make it smaller, so now i have something to do over the weekend.
  4. Just a poll as the result of a disagreement on Discord ***Note- This is not about what it is called Canonically in-game, this is about what YOU call it on a daily basis***
  5. @camacju umm, that... that's real cheap. I'm speechless, incredible job!
  6. @camacju Yes, that is correct. Great job cutting costs for the KSC, Gene will be happy!
  7. @ralanboyle yes, you are allowed to give yourself max-tech, facility, and progression so you can build restriction-free.
  8. The KSC is broke! Nobody knows how accounting made such an avoidable mistake, but somehow, spending has gone out of control and the Kerbals are in deep financial trouble. With investors pulling out, manufacturers cutting supply, and the constant pressure of continuous scientific advancement, the KSC will need a grand mission and an affordable price. The challenge- Launch a crewed mission to at least LKO, or another celestial body, in science or career mode, and gather science for as low of a price as you can. The rules- No alt+f12, HyperEdit, MechJeb autopilot (though MechJeb
  9. I have a plane that can technically take off and maintain flight at ~30m/s, but its cruising speed is like 110m/s, so which counts, its cruising speed to its lowest possible speed to climb in altitude?
  10. @catloaf I updated the rules so it isn't a requirement to resemble Perseverance @MrThomnnus Excellent job! I like the use of a piston for the cables.
  11. @doggonemess The point is to try to create a stock replica of the rover, but since I allowed RSS, i figured I should just add Realism Overhaul since all those parts are designed and sized for RSS. That does look good though!
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