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  1. I can't be the only one who has a problem with the KJR Mods in 1.11 Most of my Crafts, especially with Mod parts wobble around like stupid, no matter which KJR version I take. I also tried Autostrut but it has almost no effect at all, worse than the KJR mods. It also seems like nobody continues the KJR mods anymore and I couldnt do it myself. So is there anyone out there working on a new version? I just want to play KSP peacefully again without being annoyed by constant Kraken effect.
  2. I found out that it only happens when I controll the rocket via the Centaur Controll Unit. when I use other for example the Stock ones then it doesnt happen
  3. I somehow cant fire the engines (KE-4) when they are attached to to the engine Mount. when I attach them directly to the Tank they work. also when I use Idipendent thrust they somehow fire. but not with Main Thrust
  4. how can i deactivate this? i cant figure it out and i also cant edit the cfg file for some reason ( i have a programm to edit cfg and also can edit other cfg files but i cant edit this one for some reason)
  5. i heard that you can use this mod to add Fuel Vapor like the Falcon 9 has. but it doesnt work for me.
  6. turned out my steam messed up my ksp files and had 2 save locations and apparently i put it in the wrong one. everything works now
  7. it tells me that parts are missing. for example the payloadmadapter, some tank parts, engine section and stuff. i reinstalled it several time and stuff but nothing works. its always the same issue
  8. can you pls add the rosseta better said philae landing legs again. i liked them so much
  9. why did you did you make all engines Weaker? when i use BFR i cant get outside the Atmosphere with the Booster anymore
  10. i will send you a video, i dont think Autostrut will help. But i cant make it today. and i recocnized that the Falcon 9 also bends but at an other point. (sorry for my english btw)
  11. I have a Problem with the Falcon Heavy. When i want to fligh with the Falcon Heavy and rotate it, it bends at the Interstage, but when i use the Normal Falcon 9 with the same Payload it don´t Bend. pls Help. When i want to land my Falcon 9 with Mechjeb, it turns off the engine maybe 200 meters over the Landing Pad, and then it rotates to horizontal and then the engine turn on again round about 20 meters over the landing pad but mechjeb can´t land it anymore because it´s to horizontal and it crash. i know did isn´t mechjeb here but it only happens with the SpaceX rockets from here. btw, with the BFR i have no Problem but also turn off engine round about 300 meters over launchpad but it can fix this before landing and land it. I have the newest Version off all needed mods and MEchjeb
  12. i can´t get the big screens in ROdan, i installed the required mod (and the required mods for these mod, too) but they doesn´t appear in Rodan.
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