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  1. Yep, send a crewed repair mission
  2. From my experience it has always been the case. So I am only using that pop up to check what missions are available.
  3. I was really surprised to see Remote Tech now tagged as supported in the mod compatibility list. I installed it and still get a warning about "partial support". Checked the change log and cannot see any recent change indicating remote tech compatibility other than in the compatibility list. Is this likely to break my game at some point or am I good to go? So excited about that integration lol
  4. Ok it is intentional! Understand where you are coming from I was just using it as an additional storage space for my experiments lol. All good for the mechanic I am already using it. One small thing though. Before we could see on the science experiment UI how many slots were available. In the research tree there is still some ways to increase the storage of the mystery goo I believe. So If I understand your point well, when your mystery goo has increased capacity you can still store several experiments but you are not able to configure how many slots you want the experiment to have in the
  5. I can see it too on the pods. But not on the mystery goo nor the materials bay. Apologies just realized I was not specific enough in the description initially Do you mind having a quick look with those parts please?
  6. in Kerbalism 3.3 sample capacity cannot be selected in VAB and in flight there is no more mention of the number of slots available for an experiment. Reverted to 3.2 and it is there. Is it an intended change with the new version or is now available somewhere else and I missed it? Thanks guys! Playing career with KSP 1.8.1 and limited mods (KIS, KAS, Scansat and some contract packs)
  7. Thanks for the quick reply guys! I might give it a try with a tiny outpost able to cater for an engineer’s need and see how it goes from there. Mining the proper ressources might be an issue as stated! cheers btw I love the complexity of the mod and the fact that you need to spend much more time in the vab to plan everything out!
  8. Can someone confirm whether kerbalism is meant to allow 100% sustainable bases on a given planet? Mainly due to food as the description of the green house specifies that greenhouse is mostly there to provide oxygen? I am trying some early design for the first time to understand the full rss process flow and clearly can’t manage to get a sustainable food generation unless I am adding a crazy amount of greenhouses for a very limited number of kerbals. maybe some additional mods allow that? I’ve noticed that space station redux add greenhouses with a better return on food. Mod has too m
  9. Right click on your science part. It will let you know how many science you have collected vs. how many science is available. Unlike stock you do not lose science based on your % of connection with ksc.
  10. thanks a lot for your quick help on this! I’m gonna make sure not to autostrut everywhere. I guess as I unlock better parts I should be able to avoid noodles. I might assemble more vessels in orbit too rather than attempting crazy launches from the launchpad. thanks for the tips bud!
  11. Thanks @Francois424! It almost worked! Fixed my fairing, tank, and heat shield rotation! Awesome! only my engine remains tilted but I think I can manage (have a rescue mission otw just in case). Thing is I can’t toggle autostrut for the engine. The button is there but does nothing. I went back to vab and looked at the craft and this engine and tanks that are impacted are labelled “autostrut locked to grand parent part”. Maybe that’s the reason why I can’t change it. Anyway I am considering removing advanced tweakable to avoid that issue. Or maybe not use it unless I really have a sp
  12. I am facing some issues with ships loading with tilted parts (mainly engines and tanks). They are slightly off their axis upon loading. i tried reloading from tracking station, quick save/load, restart. Still there. It happened twice in my current playthrough. Once with a ship in Mun orbit and once in Minmus orbit. playing ksp 1.8.1 with Kerbalism, kas, kis, missing history and the near future mods. i was able to salvage my mun mission as the engine was only slightly off its axis but for the minmus one I just can’t control the ship and bring my kerbals back... any ide
  13. Thank you Sir Mortimer, got it. Will pay closer attention to the in game info provided! about the scientist any kerbalism related specific purpose?
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