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  1. Stock procedural wings or panels which can have curves around an axis of choice. A way to custom design structural parts and engines in a tweakscale/simple rockets manner. We all know Kerbal 2 will be better than the rest! What's the predicted price of Kerbal 2 at launch?
  2. A big POWERFUL boi capable of landing on some of the tallest mountains on kerbin. Highly VTOL capable with pitching, dual support panther engines. Has highly efficient single engine cruising mode and folding wings to help with lift in higher altitudes, MOBILE LAB OK WHAT ELSE CAN YOU ASK FOR?? Thinking about making a ducted fan VTOL science lab for eve. RIP kerbals who I send I ain't comin back for yousins. Link to my Imgur collection: Comment me stuff I love humans.
  3. I'm having the same problem!!!! Edit: here's a link. The Moderator guy says to try resizing the HUD.
  4. I for one am having difficulty with a VTOL craft because the landing gear auto-autostruts to the heaviest part which happens to be a fuel tank which pivots. Is there any way to change this?! like being able to disable autostruts on landing gear or change it to the root part?
  5. Hello humans, I'm encountering a problem while using the hinged bits to make a VTOL aircraft. The landing gear has autostrut force enabled to heaviest part, which would be fine if that part wasn't the fuel tank on my hinged engines. If there is any way to unlock the autostrut I would appreciate the help. Thar be pics in that link^
  6. you need PICS man.. I'm hungry 4 them man feed my soul
  7. ^yes But those new 1.25m liquid core nuclear engines give me life. And great range! Imgur was a lot easier than I thought Also autostrut gives me life but it is kinda cheaty
  8. These are beautiful pieces of work. Proud of @you
  9. Hello fellow space loving humans, this is my first post. Does anyone know of a planet pack for 1.7.x? I've been playing the game for ages and recently I've really been putting in some time with KSPIE. (shoutout to @FreeThinker you've helped manifest an amazing thing into the universe!!) I'm just getting a little sleepy only having duna, laythe and eve as space plane targets. Maybe I should just downgrade to 1.6? It's not like the squad dV indicators are super reliable anyway. Also what's the easiest way to post screenshots? I'd like to share some of my creations with the community (having to create an Imgur account feels like overkill..) Thanks for your time, Chris