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  1. But your space aircraft carrier only has propellers and no thrusters
  2. https://imgur.com/gallery/Sfzwjtz A few old explorers I made. The duna plane had the center module detach at high duna altitude to return home with a single NERVA.
  3. Hello Ker-ballers, Over 12 fortnights ago, my graphics card was stolen from me by the cruel mistress of entropy. I'm looking for a new, high quality card but am a little strapped for cash. Should I wait for MSRP prices to drop? Are there deals out there, which aren't scams? I really miss being the director of a space program!!!
  4. Big flat waffle plates are quite intrusive I agree!
  5. I think at first they were discussing the triangle structural panel symmetry bug in the making history DLC. Thank you for developing my favorite game!!!!
  6. Thanks man, in hindsight I should've covered the whole mission, I was thinking about including one in a future vid! Or maybe a new one I'm making for a moon
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