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  1. But your space aircraft carrier only has propellers and no thrusters
  2. https://imgur.com/gallery/Sfzwjtz A few old explorers I made. The duna plane had the center module detach at high duna altitude to return home with a single NERVA.
  3. Hello Ker-ballers, Over 12 fortnights ago, my graphics card was stolen from me by the cruel mistress of entropy. I'm looking for a new, high quality card but am a little strapped for cash. Should I wait for MSRP prices to drop? Are there deals out there, which aren't scams? I really miss being the director of a space program!!!
  4. Big flat waffle plates are quite intrusive I agree!
  5. I think at first they were discussing the triangle structural panel symmetry bug in the making history DLC. Thank you for developing my favorite game!!!!
  6. Thanks man, in hindsight I should've covered the whole mission, I was thinking about including one in a future vid! Or maybe a new one I'm making for a moon
  7. You need wings that extend perpendicularly to the ones in the picture. Try using smaller winglets, or making rocket taller. Having wings far below center of weight is good design for stable rocket.
  8. @Phonecase........... Omg where did I @LeaveX my @telephono
  10. I wish going to jool's moon system was so easy :'( but i guess it's all pretty easy when you're not worried about getting back hahaha
  11. https://youtu.be/rA9SdnkrAeU Hello fellow yuumans. I'm not sayin they asked for it but sometimes U just gotta let people know how big your flex muscles are. Orbital mechanics wizard btw. (I totally just got lucky)
  12. I sure hope they're planning on fixing the symmetry issue with the History pack triangular panels.
  13. Dude!!! The Ion lander is legit one of the coolest builds I've seen in a HOT minute!! such a beautiful execution of a large ion craft. Mad props! That blimp is very nice looking too!
  14. I heard through the kerb-vine that they're adding a third kerbin moon, one that looks just like our moon!!!!!!
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofGlBRoWZG8 Hey guys, I just did a mission to the moon with a nuclear SRB spaceplane. Check it out! Or not if that doesn't sound interesting, I'm not sure what the masses enjoy tbh. I should get a microphone to record my voice that would make my videos better probably.
  16. Hello everyone, I hope you like my builds, craft files will be up at a later date. Anyone here know how to make a reverse blimp? lemme know. I love U
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