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  1. Any idea on how soon that may happen? I'm using NSSC and I recently found Kerdian through these threads. It looks like a great addition/replacement of EL parts and I'm eager to use it. I'm assuming it does not work at all on 1.9.1. Tell me, does it add OSE functionality to any of those parts if you have it installed?
  2. There are a few. 'Decal stickers' and Nebula decals are common, but not all of the ones he uses in videos are in the packs. He probably added them himself. Wild Blue apparently just added a new one: Haven't tried it. edit: here's the video of him building it. He uses a lot of decals.
  3. texture replacer suit works for me. There are not many compatible packs. https://spacedock.info/kerbal-space-program/search?query=texture+replacer+suit This one should have woking reflections, but it's .dds so it may be harder for you to modify. https://spacedock.info/mod/1988/Klassic colored suits for KSP 1.5 This one is .png but it doesn't seem to have visor textures. https://spacedock.info/mod/2030/Gregrox's Multi Color Suit Pack 2.0 I think the opacity has something to do with the alpha layer. I can see if I can create an opaque version but don't count on it. I'm a severe pr
  4. I think you need a different visor texture. Look for post 1.5.1 packs. Spacedock is the fastest way to find newer ones.
  5. So, I finally got my large space dock into orbit, and after I add a new power plant to it (lithium station keeping engines need a TON of power, apparently), I will then start construction of my IXS Enterprise warp ship with two OP lander shuttles. Then I will be able to quickly test other planets from flight as well as atmospheric transitions by sending down an away team. Without any outright cheating (aside from the insanely OP electric engines on my shuttle pods.) I think I'll get some video for fun and posterity, but also to record any bugs I might see.
  6. I wanted to do this but I lacked the skill. Will this work (or can I make it work) with simple construction? I like the docking port building and other simplifications, but the ore>metal>RP line is really a tad bit basic. I also don't like the USI supply line. I wanted to make the exact same container changes you outlined. I actually use material kits though, for the OSE printers. I can't stand how complicated MKS is. I'm using pathfinder stockish mode and snacks right now.
  7. The Kerbin config in the last release was already at 17. I tried it at 60 and 85, but had no visible change. I am on ultra settings. (I think. I will confirm) Mine does look different. This is what it finally looked like on RC4, but it reverted to iceworld after that. I'm leaning toward some kind of conflict as RTB's original config fix never worked for me either. I'll take the configs for the sake of experimenting. But hopefully the latest release will fix it. (fingers crossed)
  8. In my experience, from before the near plane issue was fixed(?), this is the first stage of the near atmosphere transitioning to the far version. It starts at the horizon, and that radius gradually shrinks with altitude. At a certain point, the center of the remaining atmosphere clips below sea level and you get a 'ring' or 'donut' of clouds. Further still, and you can only see clouds at the far edges of the screen before they disappear completely (after which, the far view takes over) I had not noticed this still happening after the fix, but maybe I missed it.
  9. I'm not sure if this is a bug on your end or if I did something to break it, but I have still had iceworld on the start screen and pale/tan land in orbit since moving from RC4 to newer versions. I checked the kerbin atmo config and the rgb values where all 17, but in the config patch you released earlier, they are at 85 (as you said, 5x higher). The thing is, that config never fixed the iceworld for me. It was only around RC4 that the ground had actual colors. And then it gets even weirder. I set the current config to 85 like the fix, and I STILL have iceworld on load. Not
  10. There are two different cabs and two different drone units, as well as different wheels and hover fans. You can obviously create plural rovers. I believe the name 'feline rovers' is a nod to the very similar malemute (canine) rover from USI.
  11. Ditto. It would also be great if this applied to the OPT parts as well. I was wishing this was the case while building an ssto cargo shuttle yesterday. I settled for glossy wings.
  12. If you are still active, @Omega482, can you tell me if this is broken or something? I dropped the folder in suits but it won't let me apply it to the vintage suit. The buttons are greyed out. I can apply it to the standard suit like that guy did, but that obviously doesn't work.
  13. Uuuuugh. I tried to figure this out without posting, but I can't seem to. Does anyone know how to change the Making History suits? I have Omega's gemini suit but I can only select the texture while on the standard suit. The buttons are greyed out on the vintage or future suits. If I put it on the standard suit, it looks all screwed up because the mesh does not match. I am confusion.
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