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  1. Thats why we have the spacedock mod
  2. Just get a damned robotics hinge and mount the SRB on that,Then you can change its angle for different amounts of thrust 8)
  3. I think a temporary solution would be to add adapters for the new parts to 1.75,2,1 and 3 meter parts..
  4. Looks like a shroud from launch is hanging on... Send a rover with a sunbeam to destroy the shroud.
  5. 565) When you\'re craft breaks apart and the pieces fall into the ocean.
  6. No, You fly smaller planes off of it....
  7. So we could make a tower to it.....Hang on,Need to find a launch vehicle for this........
  8. THats why you use SRBS to push your SRBS away from your ship =P
  9. So does the altimeter stop working at some point?
  10. How far do you have to fly until you hit a wall or crash from floating point errors? Or does the pod just explode at a certain insanely high altitude?
  11. Well.....You can deprive them of Zo2 until you have the amount you want :-X
  12. Dont worry,all of that is going to drift apart and you likely wont hit it =P
  13. Yes,but if you want to be able to control said debris well make sure to add SAS,ASAS and plenty of RCS
  14. 100% clean 14.4 install and its stuck loading 'NP_OmniBertha'
  15. If you are going to the mun another thing you can do is hang on to the engine you used to get you there and use it to slow you down on decent and let it hit the mun.
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