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  1. Turns out that I had Kopernicus 1.7.1-4 instead of 1.7.1-5 sorry. Anyways love the planet pack! Btw will you add full scatter support instead of partial. Sorry I’m addicted to scatterer.
  2. hey gregroxmun! I'm having a problem with kopernicus not loading properly, I don't know why. if you could give me a explaniation that would be greatly apreaciated! here's what it says. oh and by the way here's the imgur link for the gamedata folder screenshots and the log folders: kopernicus was not able to load the custom planetary system due to an exception in the loading process. loading your save game is NOT recommended, because the missing planets could corrupt it and delete your progress. please contact the planet pack author or the kopernicus team about the issue and send them a valid bug report. thank's!
  3. When I install extrasolar with scatterer, eve ,etc the visuals do not work. pls help.
  4. remember me from youtube! here's the screenshot. edit nevermind i fixed it.