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  1. this mod is both promising and amazing. but will there be a larger moon to haven, or no? (don't take this to mean you have to add it)
  2. my kerbals are either sinking or floating above the terrain. im playing on 1.9. I have paralax installed.
  3. this only happens in the tracking station, I had it happen before. if your actually there it wont be a problem
  4. What is the radius of Rhan and its parent planet. just curious.
  5. i took it out to Jool and failed at taking off from Laythe might try it another time.
  6. How do I change the color of a planet? I’m on 1.8.1 and trying to make Gael and Tellumo (from GPP) more dark blue.
  7. Always wanted a alternitive to OPM that only adds one gas giant, once this gets EVE and Scatterer support I will check it out!
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