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  1. Does anyone have any idea on how I can properly land the Shuttle and perform a good enough Reentry through the atmosphere? The shuttle itself is hard to control because the nose refuses to flare during reentry and final descent. Also I don't know how to properly use the Atmosphere Autopilot Mod. Any suggestions on how I can improve or enhance my reentry? Thanks! Edit: Any recommendations on good Launch Ascent Profiles for MechJeb should I use it in the future?
  2. 3 Questions: 1: Where is the Engine Mount for the shuttle's main engines? I downloaded the mod but it doesn't seem to be included with the shuttle. I can't place the engines without it. 2: How can I change the shuttle name and add black chines to the wings, along with painting the ET White and changing the logos on the wings to replicate the Space Shuttle Columbia? 3: Is there a craft file for the shuttle?
  3. I have tried to follow the instructions for the launch pad for the shuttle, but its just too big for the solid rocket boosters to fit. I am using SOCK, I need help! Also the craft file isn't properly designed as a shuttle pad, the parts are completely mixed up to the point the shuttle stack isn't correctly on the pad.
  4. Hey guys, so I decided to return to KSP after a long Hiatus, currently I have NO mods, as I have deleted them all to restart everything, to breathe new light into it. So I'm gonna download this ship again, has the Texture switching option been fixed? Do I need to overwrite the space shuttle mod folder with the texture switching version?
  5. is there a Tutorial around on Youtube for Paint? To edit Decals and add my own names? I cant seem to find some!
  6. How can I re enter the atmosphere on a CA Shuttle? I put the nose up to 40 degrees angle of attack, but the shuttle starts to shake around, and I eventually loose control and it spins around. The Shuttle refuses to pull up its nose, as it continues to descend, and it leads to it travelling so fast that it crashes into the ground. Any way I can fix this?
  7. I'm not used to using programs like that. Any tutorial for me and some other people who arent used to it?
  8. Any way you can add custom names? WITHOUT having to use a paint editor?
  9. well then, I shall wait for the new shuttle update, but I want to ask you, I use a space shuttle from Cormorant Aeronology, and I want to re enter the atmosphere, and I put my pitch to 40 degrees angle of attack, but unfortunately the shuttle looses control, and starts spinning violently, Is there a way I can properly re enter a shuttle and land it?
  10. how about we try the video first, and if it wont work, perhaps the entire KSP folder can follow?
  11. well, I tried everything, but nothing seems to work, not even with all my mods removed. Its sad, because everyone else has the chance, but unfortunately not me. They mostly use the shuttle for RSS, but I use the shuttle for stock purposes.
  12. unfortunately, nothing seems to work, the shuttle still remains black, from the cabin, to the payload bay. The only parts that must be fixed are the payload bay and the cabin, as no textures show.
  13. What am I to do with Space Shuttle System, and the textures, wait for a new update to fix it?
  14. should I delete ALL my mods, but keep the squad in, and just keep the shuttle, and then add some mods after we can figure out how to get the textures working?
  15. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198249654134/screenshots/ Here you see the error I encountered, I either have to edit something on notepad on the textures, or I must delete my mods. I will now try deleting my mods to test the mod I have on the shuttle. I have tried without mods, still the same problem, are the cabin and payload bay outdated?
  16. I put in the textures into the shuttle, and it shows the same thing in the notepad that you put in, what to do next?
  17. Alongside Textures. theres parts. What about them?
  18. Did I do something wrong? It says next paint and previous texture, but it wont change! First thing I did: I opened the space shuttle file, and copied all the textures INSIDE of it Second: I opened the space shuttle mod folder, and went into the parts file Third: I pasted all the textures into the parts file Fourth: I tried to select the next paint, it stays as Discovery
  19. The last thing I need to do is what you mentioned, replacing the DDS File, for the textures. Is there a way i can try that?
  20. heres the problem thats left, you cant change any names or textures on the shuttle, how can I fix it? SpaceShuttle from the link and kspwheel as well. I have included FireSpitter as well.
  21. Unfortunately. I have tried everything, like replacing files, and all other kinds of stuff, it just wont work. I even tried to take my other mods out, nothing worked. The textures wont work, nothing will show up. Mind showing a detailed explanation on how it works, and all the steps I must do in order to properly and carefully place in the textures? I tried everything. PLEASE NOTE: I dont use CKAN, as I dont know how to properly use it, so I do manual files.
  22. HELP! I tried to fix the shuttle, but the crew compartment went black! I cant see any paint! Heres what I did, I downloaded the GameData you posted, I took the Parts and Texture Files, but it asked me if I wanted to replace files with the same names, for some stuff, I accepted, and next thing I see, I screwed up the shuttle!
  23. Thanks, all I have to do now is just click the "Special Addition" Link, and drop in Fire Spitter? Let me know if I have made any mistakes!
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