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  1. Is a fictional scanerio. Since they got New Glenn. So what if they decided to build New Kerman?
  2. If they invented this rocket, how would the size of this rocket be like based on imagination?
  3. sure. I am working on how to use KOS, but I can post some.
  4. yeah just add moar boosters and you would fly.
  5. I am working on my reusable first stage, I name them rage rockets, because it's difficult to accomplish and would cause rage moments. I found that as my rocket gets heavier, the lander leg explodes during touchdown. Is there a way to strengthen the legs?
  6. I think so. That is probably why. I always add moar engines and the vector spam always make my TWR to 3.
  7. I presses alt+f12 and nothing shows up
  8. where can I find aero GUI?
  9. I don't have MJ, so I could not measure the dynamic pressure of the vehicle and know when to throttle down. Could anyone tell me when to throttle down for max Q? Currently I just fly to 10km and throttle down until 18 and go back to full.
  10. I want to move my nav ball to the left of the screen, cause I wanna see the plumes. How do I set it?
  11. I always get attachment wrong when I use it, how do I install it correctly?
  12. How do you do boostback and the payload at the same time? FMRS?
  13. Hi, my name is Chester. I am from Taiwan and going to ERAU currently. I am probably the only pilot here knows orbital mechanic. I have done one science mode and now I am working on my second one. Planning to go do Duna but I have a few things to fix on my probe. Moar boosters, Chester Lin (erau_Hatsune)