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  1. I thought that the AJ10 gets 380 ISP in KSP, so maybe RS25 should exceed it :(
  2. I don't know why the KSP version of the SSME is so powerful but inefficienct in the vacuum. Are they planning for something else back then? Personally, I wish they can make a 60% thrust nerf with a 400+ ISP in vacuum.
  3. I did it! This marks my third interplantary return mission.
  4. Is there wave drag in this game? I can't go above mach 1 with docking port drives. I need SRB for that instead, but I see matt Lowne goes through that easily.
  5. I am using docking port drive, so I got infinite range.
  6. Sure, I will give it a try. Oh, I did that with my departure push, but I never got that to zero. It went close, but not quite
  7. Ok guys, now the problem I encounter is that when I tried to force encounters or go super fast, my AN/DN point would go beyond Dres orbit. How would I make it the inclination 0 ?
  8. Something like this, but I don't know how to change plane during the trip.
  9. It does matter a bit because I can ignore transfer window, but the first topic may work.
  10. I have a kraken drive transfer vehicle parked in orbit, I want to send it to Dres, currently Kerbin is 70 degrees AHEAD of dres, how do I force the encounter?
  11. I am trying to do a orbit like the Gateway, but even if I use normal nodes, the trajectory still just move east and west of the planet instead of going polar. Currently, I need to do a course-correction in the middle of the flight, but Is there a way I can do it in my TLI?
  12. I saw it but when I try to download, it says it's an outdated mod and it's only updated to 1.8, and I don't know where to download for version 1.9.
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