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  1. I remember having a similar problem, make sure you have the latest versions of B9PartSwitch and ModuleManager installed. Even though they might not be listed as compatible with 1.8.1, they absolutely are.
  2. I've run into that parachute bug as well - but looking into the files I couldn't really spot anything that would change the parachute's ability to function. It's an odd one indeed. Edit: Looking at the chute ingame, both of the effective diameters read out as 0. Something's definitely borked, but the BDB config for it looks fine, so it must be BDB in colours messing with it in some unfathomable manner.
  3. Everything's up to date, and even after clearing ConfigCache and ConfigSHA the issue still persists. I'm starting to think it might be something 1.8.1 related? Edit: CKAN was lying to me about the version of B9PS I was using, and switching to the latest seems to have fixed it, but I'm still getting that strange low-poly red cone as the flight scene loads in. I'm getting this on 1.8.1 too, and I don't even have Making History, so it definitely affects the ReStock+ plates - at least that's what Janitor's Closet says they're from on my end.
  4. Running NFLV and a sizeable number of other mods (notably JNSQ, if that effects anything) on 1.8.1 and I'm getting a bug with the upper stage engine mounts. They look absolutely fine in the editor and seem to function as intended, but upon loading into the flight scene I get this weird red cone-shaped thing appearing at the tail end of the loading screen that I can't seem to capture with a screenshot, followed by the interstages completely vanishing from existence. I used to have a problem with the whole rocket being suspended from the engine mount, but that wasn't present this time round on a test save. The thing still took off and flew about as well as something of this shape could be expected to under the power of both stages, so it seems to be a mainly visual issue. Images: I've reinstalled the mod and a few others and checked all dependencies are up to date, nothing seems to have fixed it. Here's the log: https://mega.nz/file/wdMW0A4A#_MGfcd9jeM0O6sFDFr2jp-1uegeyJj5vOOc5sIMicRc Edit: I should mention I installed via CKAN as with all my mods, but a manual install didn't fix anything, so I'm going to try a minimal install at some point today to see if it's conflict-related. Edit 2: Minimal install (just the mod and dependencies) still didn't fix the issue.
  5. Just to be certain, is this latest version only for the bdb dev build, given it applies to the new agena?
  6. Ah, the majestic- ...Oh. That's not a Saturn V. Behold, the Herakles V, an unholy abomination! Primed and ready for a Mun mission in JNSQ. Mission album here: https://imgur.com/a/Td9hLvs Album embeds in spoiler:
  7. I understand the change, but it's going to be a little irritating to have [x] Science! going off all the time for an experiment that can't progress the science it's alerting me about any further. Maybe ScienceAlert itself might yield better results, since I think it would let me filter experiments based on whether they've been done at all or not.
  8. I've run into an issue with the geiger counter experiment on the dev build, it seems to give 3 out of 9 science on the first run of each experiment and then... No more than that, no matter how many times I repeat it on many different craft, which means [x] Science! won't shut up about the experiments being available. Isn't it only supposed to give 3 science in the first place? I'm running JNSQ, but I tried the master build on it and that worked just fine, so I think something with the max values might have gotten all janked up in the dev version. I haven't seen the same thing from any other experiments just yet.
  9. I've seen this as well, I think it might be connected to how [x]Science doesn't run the animations, or something like that. The way in which it runs them is definitely breaking them somehow.
  10. Holy granoli! It all looks incredible!
  11. How convenient that the one day I decide to check the KSP forums after a break from the game, there's a new BDB release! If you remember that delta blue LDC someone put together a while back, you asked if people would approve an official colour scheme of the same nature. I think it's gorgeous - so you have my vote in favour.
  12. I've applied the patch, but sadly it didn't fix the issue - the Pandora still has an ever-present spotlight coming out of the top of it. Might try rooting through some files to see what I can do about it. Not having things with lights map to the light action group by default is very nice, though.
  13. Nice, but unfortunately I have almost no idea how MM patches work. Do I paste this into a file somewhere?
  14. Is there any way to remove the spotlight from the Pandora command module? It's still pretty busted in the 1.7 version, so the idea came to me to get rid of the buggy light altogether, allowing me to use the pod without constantly illuminating the universe. I'm guessing it boils down to deleting a line of code or two?