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  1. I've seen this as well, I think it might be connected to how [x]Science doesn't run the animations, or something like that. The way in which it runs them is definitely breaking them somehow.
  2. Holy granoli! It all looks incredible!
  3. How convenient that the one day I decide to check the KSP forums after a break from the game, there's a new BDB release! If you remember that delta blue LDC someone put together a while back, you asked if people would approve an official colour scheme of the same nature. I think it's gorgeous - so you have my vote in favour.
  4. I've applied the patch, but sadly it didn't fix the issue - the Pandora still has an ever-present spotlight coming out of the top of it. Might try rooting through some files to see what I can do about it. Not having things with lights map to the light action group by default is very nice, though.
  5. Nice, but unfortunately I have almost no idea how MM patches work. Do I paste this into a file somewhere?
  6. Is there any way to remove the spotlight from the Pandora command module? It's still pretty busted in the 1.7 version, so the idea came to me to get rid of the buggy light altogether, allowing me to use the pod without constantly illuminating the universe. I'm guessing it boils down to deleting a line of code or two?
  7. I've noticed the MOS space station modules don't provide any habitation space yet, which makes using them with USI a little tricky. Is that something we can expect to come with the release?
  8. I'm really excited to see these new Gemini and MOL parts coming together. The one thing that always bothered me about using Skylab was that I like to be real modular with my station design, multi-adapters all over the place connecting different sections, and the like. I've been trying to use Skylab as an orbital relay point for munar ferry craft but only having the one docking adapter has really held me back, especially when life support, habitation and sun-tracking solar panels need to go on. I've tried using SSPXr parts as a stopgap measure to add more docking space, but the adapters don't fit the new docking ports very well unless I tweakscale the heck outta them. I guess Skylab expansion parts could be a thing for the future - but that's getting a little ahead - new MOL parts should fill in just perfectly. At last, the Gemini station dream will be real!
  9. So uh, about those solar panels. On closer revision, at least the 'Halo' solar array and the Megalador are both producing light, though they seem more like detached floating light sources than spotlights.
  10. Fresh installed the mod, and alt+3 doesn't open anything for me either. I'm forcing glcore on my end though.
  11. Had a check over all the panels, deployed and undeployed, and they seem completely fine, so it looks like it's just the pod being weird.
  12. I've uninstalled just about everything but near future spacecraft and its dependencies (though I left SSPXr in by accident) and lo and behold: It is very much still there. I recall some near future solar panels emitting unusual spotlights a couple months ago too, but I haven't touched any of them since to see if they're still doing it. I'll give them a looking-over at some point on my full install to see if that remains or not too.
  13. I've run into a bug with the pandora command pod where the docking light is always on - even in the VAB - and doesn't change in any way when I toggle the option. The texture for it isn't lit up, either. It's a shame since it's my favourite pod and I can't use it because of this. I've tried reinstalling, but it still persists. Is anyone else getting this, or is it a side-effect of running the mod on 1.6? It was still a thing even when I was running the mod's 1.6 version, so I don't think it's that.
  14. I'm encountering something pretty strange running the mod on 1.6, on which I'm sure everything should still work fine. The dark side of duna is real blue, and turning up planetshine's ambient light level dramatically brightens it, although I'm sure that applies to all planets to a lesser extent. Clouds are visible on the back side too. I've looked at all the other atmospheric planets and their dark sides are expectedly black. Is this intentional, or have I run into a bug? I've reinstalled the mod and textures to no avail, and I'm up to date on dependencies. I've taken a screenshot from the tracking station here, but I can verify it's just as blue if not moreso in flight. You might notice an inner circle of light as well, which again isn't present on any other planet. Edit: It looks like Duna has been assigned a blue glow in the EVE settings that effects it in a way it doesn't the other planets. I turned the blue from 70 down to 0 and turned the red up to 10 and it's a lot more bearable now. The clouds are still visible back there, though.