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  1. Thanks, went with HyperEdit since it's probably the time to start cheating with stuff anyway.
  2. Going Moho, but not sure if I'll get there. I 'm (again) in a position, where my spaceship is carrying far too much oxidizer. Or too little fuel, take your pick. It has Nuclear engines for main slow thrust, and VTOL LF+OX engines for landing. Packed (too little) LF for the main flight and (by far too much) LF+OX for landing. I think I'd be fine if I could vent maybe 10-20 tons of OX, so there'd be less mass to push. Not the first time In the same mess either, building ships with barely a rule of thumb, and with little encounter planning skills is why. I know there is/was a mod that allows jettisoning fuel, but I don't want to lose the whole tank and especially don't want to lose the fuel. Just the OX. (for this time, I'll try to use VTOL engines during main travel to burn off the extra OX and extra weight)
  3. Thanks, that's the one. I was sure I tried with Planetshine disabled, but guess no.
  4. Came to search the answer to the same thing. I got/had: MechJeb2 PlanetShine Astronomers Visual Pack
  5. You can also send a kerbal on a one way trip. He`ll be happy there, lots of exploring to do.
  6. My SSTO is very similar and also has big problems in the territory where wing lift starts failing and engine control takes over. Also with running out of fuel if everything doesnt go just right. Two things you could check out. 1. Timing of switching the engines from airbreathing to closed cycle. No good advice here, I usually get 1000m/s at maybe 30° upwards and switch when engine thrust drops below 100. 2. Check out what controls are used in what control surfaces. I always have problems with slanted wings, and when yaw is enabled for too many flaps. Also, I've yet to build SSTO that'd be actually useful for something. They pretty much can just reach orbit and come back, no payload or anything. "Normal" rockets with boosters are much more usable. Or spaceplanes with boosters, then you can also afford payload.
  7. Could well be, tried "restore defaults" and it crashed the program right away. Uninstalled Distant objects but then got kerbin (viewed from space) full of glitchy artifacts. I'll try removing and reinstalling the whole Astronomers again.
  8. Yep. That's my problem as well, I have stars on opening screen (where kerbin is always covered in white clouds or mist). No stars, very, very dark space. No milky way, or whatever it's called down here. And that as well, not a problems as such, as it's all nice and pretty. Also, let me say thanks a million to everybody who's involved in this kerbal beautification effort, everything is so beautiful I could burst. It actually took me many attempts to get Astronomers installed and I've probably fumbled up something in the process. Especially getting the PlanetShine working, took many attempts and I have no idea what finally clicked to enable it, seems like I did nothing different, just kept uninstalling/reinstalling until stuff suddenly worked. So I'm not super happy to start poking around randomly, I'll rather live without stars than without planetshine. But if it's a known or obvious easy fix issue, I'd rather have it all. That's my installed stuff. There are a few conflicts: AVP 2K textures: ! AVP-Textures Distant Object Enhancement default config: ! DistantObject config Environmental Visual Enhacements: EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements-LR (not indexed) Kopernicust PSM: Kitopia tech release 1.3.0-2 Scatterer: ! Scatterer Scatterer default: Scatterer config Scatterer - sunflare: Scatterer - sunflare Spectra: Spaceplane Corrections v0.19 and ! Planet shine config Any help getting the stars back much appreciated! If no luck, the whole mod still much appreciated! Beautiful stuff. ___ Edit. Ok, I have no Idea what I did, poked around with planetshine and Distant Objects settings, and the stars came back. It's still very dark, no milky way, but there are a handful of stars in the sky, the brightest ones I guess.
  9. Do you: have fuel tank with fuel + oxidizer attached to the engine throttle up pressing z or shift launch stage pressing space
  10. I ended up using that small Quad adapter to add 4x ion engines for my probes. That's about ton of extra weight and lots of kerbucks wasted, which sucks, but cuts down real time usage so much it's worth the tradeoff, IMO.
  11. What's nice, is you'll probably get more asteroid mapping missions later and you don't need to do anything to accomplish then, the existing sentinel will map them as well.
  12. I added a second sentinel satellite on the opposing side of the orbit, thinking it might speed up the process. Does anyone know if it does?
  13. Planes Making aeroplanes that fly well and you can land with to make those “gather data” missions is hard. Slapping a bunch of parachutes to make the plane vertical landing capable is easy. Then just taxi around to collect the science. EVA to repack chutes if you need to repeat. When you EVA off the plane, retract landing gear first. Makes it much easier to climb back. They are good gear, they re-extend and lift the whole plane easy. Making planes that land well is actually not hard. Just make sure the mass, lift and thrust are in line, mass slightly ahead of centre of lift. And have airbrakes and better landing gear. You can upgrade the space center buildings! Noticed it about a month into the game. Made everything a whole lot easier. I assumed the improved capabilities are hidden somewhere in the vast and imposing tech tree. Kerbals have Jetpacks! You just need to R to use them. Noticed this many days after witnessing my first space EVA kerbal slowly drifting away from the rocket. Again, thought they’d come up in tech tree somewhere after ladders and tether coils. Jetpacks have up/down thrust too! Noticed this well after my first successful space rescue mission. That was a hard one to pull through and took many attempts, about 1km float without vertical control. There are maneuver nodes. Having known that earlier would have made my first mun trip a lot easier. Airstream Protective shells are awesome. But the attached payload, is actually attached. Should remember to add separators in there.
  14. Oh I'm such an idiot. I was sure it wasn't doing anything anymore, but it was and that was it! Thanks a lot!
  15. I've got total energy flow of 2.something (at the moment, sun is low) but none of the batteries are charging AT ALL. To my best knowledge, I have nothing on that'd eat up any of the charge, the little dudes have been sitting in dark lights off for a week and are getting a bit worried. I think this is a bug actually, but maybe I'm overlooking something? Background. It's my first mission to Duna surface. The ship was flown by 2000-series AI (don't remember which core actually), the team is Engineer and two scientists. It was a very rough landing, ran out of fuel and came in steep and hard. Ejected the engines, control core and other weighty stuff upon entering the atmosphere. (does this have something to do with it?) Parachute landing, bad one, rolled over a few times, broke stuff like half of the solar panels and one antenna. Enough redundant systems left, or so I thought. Ran a few tests, did science for a few days. Tried to send a science data package back to Kerbin, ran out of electricity and transmit failed. Thought I'd be fine, still have a bunch of panels left. But it's not recharging anything, turned off the lights and left them there for days, no luck. Restarted the PC and the game, still no luck.