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  1. @Bruce the Loon I like this station... looks like a city in space. Nice.
  2. Let me start by saying Kopernicus is my favorite mod. And I am thankful for work Thomas P and others continue to put into it. I am having trouble with FlattenArea. Either it is having no effect or I can't locate flattened area. Below is a sample of code I have used to modify my own planets. I expect the a Flattened area lat=0 and lon=0. But I see no evidence of flat ground.
  3. @snakeru I had a feeling it was a bad idea. So, I wont waste my time. Thanks again.
  4. @tsaven that looks even better than i expected. thanks @notthebobo Yes, you are correct. I was thinking of IR. This is great news. I like Squad parts and USI parts. Better support and it makes upgrading so much easier. The fewer other mods i need the better.
  5. Hey, Thanks for mentioning the wiki. I was just trying to remember where i had seen examples of Konstruction vehicles. The Konstruction Vehicle Examples in the wiki are just what i was trying to find, some well designed examples. Those are excellent pictures. Do you know how to get craft to show up on a white background like that? I am just coming back to KSP after a long break. I was sad to learn some of the interesting mods i used to use were no longer being maintained. One mod had robotic parts i wanted to use. I was pleasantly surprised to find all the great robotic parts in Konstruction.!! Thanks to all of you who help RoverDude work on this mod.
  6. Hi MKS is one of the best mods on KSP. I am thinking about writing some VERY simple tutorials for USI-LS and MKS. These would be targeted at people who are new to MKS and want a place to start. MKS has a reputation of being very complex and hard to learn. I want to show people MKS can actually be quite simple. The first example station would be: 1.a Command pod, 2. a Hitchhiker, 3. a battery, 4. a solar panel, 5. a supply container. That actually creates a functioning life support system. It needs resupply and crew change every month, but it works. I would then move to more complex craft up to a base with a stock drill that is self sufficient in terms of supplies. However, I have a couple questions. 1. Would new people or people who have never used MKS benefit from simple tutorials like that? Or would it be a waste of time. Maybe people don't want simple bases. Maybe they only want complex bases. 2. How would people new to MKS locate the tutorials? I knows these tutorials would be worthless to a player with even a little MKS experience. If new players don't find the tutorials they would be a waste of time. For example, after several years of playing ksp, I loaded the jumping flea from the VAB. I wish I had loaded it five years ago. lol. 3. Is anyone in charge of the github wiki? Or is there anyone who might suggest areas of the wiki that need work. I am primarily interested in helping beginners actually get started with MKS. I don't feel confident about the more advanced topics. Providing Wrong information is worse than No information. I especially want to help people understand punch cards! No no only joking. Who else actually played MKS when punch cards were a real thing in MKS?
  7. Thanks for this excellent suggestion. Vesselmover works great. I am currently on ksp 1.5. However, i am concerned about future releases of ksp. Maybe ksp 1.7 or ksp 1.8 will break HyperEdit completely. KSP with out HyperEdit is not worth playing. LOL. KSP 1.5 has the set orbit cheat so that part is covered. Are you aware of any mods currently in development that will give players the ability to move craft to the surface of another planet? @@Ezriilc, thanks for your work maintaining HyperEdit.