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  1. Thought I'd post my latest SSTO for you guys as its been a bit quiet here lately. Still tweaking the design but its almost there. Done on ps4. Presenting X Shuttle Mk3 - ISRU capable 5-kerbal science SSTO capable of docking maneuvers, 3000m/s delta v in LKO during 'demo-1', Must accelerate to 400m/s below 2000 metres before pitching up to 5 degrees for the flight to orbit. Landing nearly empty is pretty simple, I haven't attempted landing with mostly full tanks but it should be possible at least. Capable of Minmus OR mun return without refuelling. With some minor tweaks a
  2. Getting back into the swing of things after taking a break over Christmas trying out the breaking ground dlc (ps4). Got my first gravity ring attached to my station truss: 25m diameter 6rpm 0.5 (ish)g stabilised with reaction wheels. Comms dishes on the ends of the truss also spin, I haven't came up with a reason for that yet currently 203 parts I have a second double ring ready (still working on a reliable booster setup) which will sit level with the current ring (docked to the bottom) The Rings are launched as one piece which has been .... entertainin
  3. yep reloading an older save works most of the time it seems, I cant seem to replicate it now either.
  4. Ok so, I have been having fun trying out all the new breaking ground stuff over the last few days. Landed a craft on Minmus with a robotically deployed rover, Take the rover for a spin to find new surface features and end up about 5km away from the lander, upon returning the lander is not about twenty metres up in the air and tilted over slightly. I have tried EVAing my kerbals from the rover into the floating lander, I can enter the vehicle but firing the engine has no effect and I cannot maneuver at all. Apparently I am moving 9.2 m/s relative to the surface. I then sent a kerbal back t
  5. Not sure if this is the right place for this but I'd love it if we could get Kerbal pop vinyls!
  6. So Ive done as much as i can with the time I have, wont be able to play again until next weekend so ill show what Ive got so far ... imgur album for report but heres the gist. Drestemis program
  7. Space x is launching IRL mystery goo! https://www.cnet.com/news/spacex-is-going-to-deliver-nickelodeon-slime-to-the-space-station-for-science/
  8. I have two rockets sitting in LKO waiting for a Dres window. 1) My take on Nasa's LOP-G (imaginatively named DrOP-G) A 6 man station with lab and Kerbin return pod for 3 kerbals. I will be sending a 5-man team aboard, two long term (pilot, scientist) will remain on station to operate the lab, the other 3 will be on surface exploration duties once the lander arrives with the second rocket and will return at the next available transfer window. The transfer stage will remain attached to the station to provide extra fuel for multiple landings (at least 3 I hope). 2) A 12 sat relay networ
  9. Console player here, never played on PC so never spoiled by mods We can use the cheat menu if we want to disable trophies permanently. I have played over 400 hours on console and visited every planet/ moon. I Generally eyeball my designs and tend to send multiple launches in one transfer window. I'm sure its easier with mods on PC but KSP IMO is meant to be tough and learning from past mistakes, I feel, is core to the experience. Also we now have the mun launch site if we want to test our landers.
  10. Ah if I was on PC and not PS4 i would give it a go! This DLC is gonna force me to get a decent rig i think. I bet rentry would be scary!
  11. I've been testing a new long range ssto prototype, still needs some work, especially control surfaces, for some reason it wants to roll upside down on ascent! As yet unamed, this prototype made it to Munar orbit and back with plenty of fuel to spare!Ideally I want this to be able to land on duna, then refuel for further trips. Although I might try a duna return w/out refeuling if I can squeeze it. Only two crew, all science instruments and isru and drill (the small ones). Any good name suggestions?
  12. Posted elsewhere but fits better here! (hope thats ok?) My rock hopper MK1. This little beauty has landed on mun, minmus and ike(pictured), I also currently have one en route to gilly. Operates out of stations in orbit. Also The Duna Dart, lands on schutes with a small touchdown burn, capable of ascent and kerbin return with little margin for error, can dock and refuel on orbit for more comfortable margins
  13. Rock Hopper Mk1 made its first successful touch down on Ike. Based at the Ike orbital station I plan to visit every boime with this baby Meanwhile the expedition crews of the Duna Dart and Dune crawler landed safely on Duna ready for further exploration!
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