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  1. Success! I wasn't aware there were orbital parameters that had to be met, that were not listed either in the conract details, or in the oribital parameters information. Sneeky! I also wasn't aware there was that illustration of which orbit you had to reach. Live and learn! Thanks muchly!
  2. Sorry for the delay in getting back with those images. Please find attached.
  3. Hi, I'm doing an asteroid mapping mission and I need to put my sattelite in a specific orbit. I've done this before, but for some reason it won't work for me at the moment. I believe I've got it all set, but the mission paramters thing will just not go green as it has done in the past. Can anyone see what I've got wrong here, or any other suggestions welcome.: I'm at the stage where I'm convinced it's either user error, or a bug. Hopefully the former... Thanks in advance.
  4. So I did my first career mode. Nothing much to report, it was great fun, but I'm guessing quite standard, so I present a few highlights: I made a lot of money out of a simple toursit craft. After a few itterations I had the SRB size tuned so I could take tourists to orbit and then mun/minmus really cheap. The only issue was that I had to use spin stabilization during re-entry: Since it was the first time I could collect science I actually bothered making tiny rovers. Thank heavens for MechJeb's autopilot! I then progressed to larger science rovers: Rover
  5. So I took some Mining equipment to Duna! First a stop off at the fuel station: Then off to the great beyond! Then aerobraked for the first time! Unfortunatly I didn't capture the fireworks this spaghetti ended in. Ah well, time to move on!
  6. So carrying on where I left off, a quick post today: The was lots of experimenting with larger tug craft (mainly for use in refueling) And I found a fuel depot just stiiting around in orbit! This was my first proper asteroid capture so I was surprised at just how useful they weren't. It turned out to be a surprisingly unprofitable venture by the time it was sufficiently low in orgit. On that note, does anyone have any links to good resources on some KSP scripting - I fancied automating the job of: burn to reduce apoapse, wait for ISRN to make more fuel, correct P
  7. So I've not posted in ages, I've been Soooooo busy I'll try and spread this out over multiple posts In my entry in what's the stupidest shape of payload I could fit in the faring, I present you with: It was about as aerodynamic as you'd think! Fortunatly it was so badly aerodynamic, it was kind of like surfing and you could ride the wave! Yep it's the "While I'm sending a sattelite up, I might as well send a couple of Tugs up that I need for other purposes": Then some work on my mining base: only for me to discover I didn't have enough power
  8. Finally I set myself the challenge of could I build a rover that used the XL3 wheels? And if I could, could I design it such that a rover like that made sense beyond "it's a big rover". Well here's my submission: Retractable heat shields thanks to robotics, ISRU capabilities, full robotics and carrying capabilities for all your Breaking Ground requirements. Science lab, hover mode and in theory enough thrust to make it to orbit from almost anywhere you'd want to land and refuel it. On the downside, launching it required quite a large rocket. I then used my shiny new ub
  9. I've also been having fun running with the experiment "How stupidly large can I possibly build my space tugs?" Behold, my latest insane spacetug! 16 nervs for when you are not in a rush for your dV, 4 skippers for when you sort of are in a rush. (I was really tempted to use the mainsail for this purpose instead, however experiments have shown that for most requirements the skippers do the job, and the ISP lost through the larger engine is not gained though burning for a shorter time). I've yet to test the aero-braking part of the design, but the ISRU works well if you leave it l
  10. {insert swear words here} You are 100% correct. That'd explain it. Obvious when someone says it. I'll have a rethink how to redesign for that. Thanks!
  11. Thanks, I'm 75% certain I tried that, but I'll try again. Won't be the first time I thought I'd done some steps and hadn't. :-)
  12. Long time no post, so I'll break this one up into multiple per theme. I've been experimenting a lot with my spaceplanes. First of all I finally got my Minmus one back. Trying to land closer to KSC: Got my refueler back, a little closer to KSC: And having fun with my sattelite launcher: However I am determined to make my Pegasus style launcher work, where I have 2 space planes, one that is mostly for getting to the upper atmosphere, and is mostly fuel tanks and jet engines; and one that decouples and goes into orbit and is mostly payload bay and rockets. However I
  13. Well, I learn something every day. This might change my next Duna mission plan...
  14. So I finally succeeded in getting my Super-Tug off to Minmus: This really is a beautiful game some days.Just look at the joy on Peggy's face! Here it is safely around Minmus with the ore tanks and ore lifter craft attached(with one of my tugs mid-docking - yes I use mech jeb for this a lot, have you seen the number of craft docked there?). It's really now a refuelling depot for all the craft I have waiting there for it: But that design is not without flaws, so I've fixed most of them for a MKII I am currently constructing - this time with (replaceable) heat shields o
  15. Do you know if I should I be reporting this to some official channel?
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